Five Tips to Keep Flowers Fresh and Long Lasting

Top 5 Tips to Help Keep Flowers Healthy and Long Lasting Probably one of the most beautiful things man has ever given another man is the flowers. Flowers bring an instant smile on your face irrespective of how your mood is. There is some kind of beauty in the flowers the naturally made color combinations, […]

Reasons to Include Meat in Your Daily Diet

Top 5 Reasons Why People Must Include Meat in their Daily Diet Worldwide there has always been a debate whether to or not to consume meat. There are numerous points which are for and against the involvement of meat in the daily diet. There are several reasons for the same. Vegetarians are usually against the […]

Reasons Why Children Must Be Friendly with Animals

Top 5 Reasons Why Children Should Be Encouraged to Play with Animals (Pets) Animals they say are as innocent and grateful as little kids. Children and animals are innocent and are very true and loyal when it comes to terms like friendship and love. Little children are like blank slates – everything you teach them […]

Top 10 Best Foods to Eat During Monsoon

10 Healthiest Foods We Should Eat in Rainy Season Monsoon – the season during which the weather is pleasant, lovely and grey, our taste buds are more demanding than ever. At the same time, our bodies are more vulnerable to illnesses and infections during monsoon because of the lowered immunity. Thus, we are more prone […]

Top 5 Signs That You Have Met Your Soulmate

5 Signs You Have Found Your Soulmate According to Greek mythology, God first created a creature which had both the male and female counterparts attached to each other, with four arms, four legs, two heads, but the same body. However, fearing the power of this creature, God separated the male and female partners and thus, […]

The Truth is Revealed, Ghosts are Real

Are Ghosts Real? The Truth Behind Ghosts The debate over whether ghosts are real is a lot like debating over whether black holes exist or not. In other words, just because science cannot prove that ghosts exist does not necessarily mean that they don’t. Many cultures across the world believe in ghosts. However, the definition […]

Top 10 Things You Must Carry In Your Trousseau

Top 10 Essential Things You Must Carry In Your Trousseau As soon as the date of your wedding is decided, the preparations for the big day begins immediately. From making the guest list to deciding the venue and menu, everything is in full swing. Amidst all of this, shopping for the bridal trousseau is the […]

List of Healthy Foods for Your Brain

Top Foods to Boost Your Brain’s Health Each and every second of your life, your brain is working. For that, it should be provided with some healthy food so that your memory stays sharp. To avoid some serious brain diseases like Alzheimer and dementia, you should ingest rich and nutritious food. Blueberries are beneficial where […]

10 Simple Things that Cause Stress

10 Surprising Things which Cause Stress At times, it is not the big things in life that causes stress; instead, there are little things of our daily routine that cause us more stress. These little things are called ‘life hassles’, which most of us struggle through every day. However, it is when these life hassles […]

Health Tips for Women before Marriage

Pre-Wedding Health and Diet Tips for Women Every woman starts to dream once her marriage is arranged with a suitable groom. During this period, she does not think about her health. But it is essential for women to maintain their health. However, these health tips are very helpful for women before marriage. 1. Brides should […]