Top 10 Natural Homemade Hair Dye Recipes

Top 10 All Natural Hair Dye Recipes Natural homemade hair dyes can help you achieve a desired shade of hair color without the use of chemicals that render hair damage and hair loss. It gives your hair a fantastic color that adds to your beauty with its herbal properties and also promotes hair growth and […]

Top 10 Best Health Benefits of Black Seeds

Top 10 Health Benefits of Kalonji (Nigella Seeds) Black seeds, also known as black caraway, kalonji, nigella, black cumin and Roman coriander, are extremely beneficial for your health and it helps in protecting your body from a number of harmful diseases. These seeds are considered to be an effective remedy for treating almost all diseases. […]

Top 10 Home Remedies for Hair Growth

Top 10 Homemade Tips for Growing Hair Here are top 10 natural tips and remedies that can help to stimulate your hair growth. 1. Onion: Onion juice contains collagen and can rebuild and repair hair tissue. Take four onions and grate them to extract the juice. Apply this only on the scalp and massage it […]

Top 10 Foods to Lower Bad (LDL) Cholesterol

Top 10 Foods to Reduce Bad Cholesterol (LDL) The level of bad cholesterol is increasing in most people nowadays, as they consume high amounts of junk food which results in different types of heart diseases. Unfortunately, junk food has become an important part of our daily routine diet. Healthy food should be consumed so that […]

Top 10 Foods for Diabetes Control

Top 10 Best Foods to Control Diabetes Diabetes is a disease in which blood sugar level in the body rises beyond the limit of 160 mg/dl. Diabetes control is very essential as no care for diabetes can cause serious health problems and sometimes even early death due to gangrene, kidney failure or cardiac arrest. Here […]

Top 10 Home Remedies for Belly Fat

Top 10 Home Remedies for Flat Stomach Fat belly is a major health problem nowadays. The major reason is unscientific food habits. You can remove belly fat and get a flat belly through certain home remedies which are time tested. You can try some of them. 1. Garlic to Reduce Body Fat: Garlic has got […]