Top 10 Cholesterol Fighting Foods

Best Foods to Fight High Cholesterol The level of bad cholesterol is increasing in most people, nowadays, as they consume high amounts of junk food which results in different types of heart diseases. Unfortunately, junk food has become an important part of our daily routine diet. Healthy food should be consumed so that the level […]

Top 5 Reasons to Turn Vegetarian Now

Reasons Why People Become Vegetarian With each passing day, the debate between non vegetarianism and vegetarianism is growing more and more intense. While both the sides have equal valid and invalid points, no one has as yet found a side which can be claimed to be better than the other. However, a decision must be […]

Home Remedies to Avoid Gastric Problems

How to Get Rid of Stomach Gas Naturally Gastric problem is a condition, which most people face. This is caused by a number of factors, such as, consuming spicy food, digestive disorders, acidity, indigestion, empty stomach, stress, anxiety and improper chewing of food. There are numerous home remedies for treating this problem and these remedies […]

Fast Ways to Lose Weight

Easy Ways to Lose Weight Fast A healthy, attractive and fit body is something that every person craves for. Many people go to work out in the gym to get the perfect trimmed body. Losing weight and remaining fit is also necessary for keeping your body healthy and keeping many diseases at bay. Losing weight […]

Indian Diet Plans for Healthy Skin and Hair

Foods to Eat for Glowing Skin and Healthy Hair Everyone is pretty much aware of the Indian beauty possessed by men and women in the country. There has been countless number of times when non Indians have been curious to know about the origins of the beauty Indians have. The tanned skin, large and beautiful […]

Top 5 Reasons to Avoid Sweets

Sugar Ruins Your Health Sweets are unavoidable for many! This is also a very common addiction for many. Sweets are believed to be devil’s food in many countries. Sweets are a weakness for many while some can overcome it others tend to control it. Although, sweets comforts our taste buds, it creates huge discomfort for […]

Best Diet Foods to Lose Weight

Best Foods to Eat for Weight Loss You will be surprised to know that consuming delicious food and losing weight can go hand in hand. There are a number of diet foods available, which not only make for a delicious treat, but also help you in losing weight and looking attractive. Diet foods help in […]

A List of Healthy Foods to Eat for Breakfast

A Healthy Breakfast Foods List People are very busy these days. Especially in the morning they have to wake up and literally rush to their office without even having breakfast. Skipping meals ruins your health. You should never skip your first meal in the morning. In fact that should be substantial. Some simple breakfast recipes […]