10 Common Beauty Problems and How to Fix Them

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Top 10 Most Common Beauty Problems Solved

Beauty care is a daily regime for people. Everyone is constantly trying to look better, younger, fairer, taller, thinner and prettier. However, there are several things that can go wrong despite the perfect beauty regime that people follow. These are common beauty problems that arise suddenly, especially when you have some important occasion. Before rushing to the chemist for a quick remedy, make sure you check your kitchen because it is sure to have an immediate remedy there itself. Here are 10 common beauty problems that occur last minute and quick ways to fix them:

1. Pimples/Acne – Pimples cause swelling and inflammation in the affected area, drawing attention to it over and over again. To treat a pimple quickly, take an ice cube in a paper towel and rub it with slight pressure on the pimple for about 10 minutes. Use an antibiotic to avoid infection in the affected area. Acne is the most common beauty problem of all times. To get rid of it quickly, mix three tablespoons of Aloe vera gel with 3-4 drops of tea tree oil. Both these ingredients are very effective in treating acne within no time.

2. Dry cuticles – Although your hands are always well-manicured, dry cuticles are really common. Their solution, however, is as simple as it can get. Add two or three drops of coconut oil to your favorite hand cream and massage it well around the cuticles. You will wake up with softer cuticles in one night itself.

3. In-growth of hair – Many a times, hair grows beneath the skin layer and refuses to come out by waxing or threading. At such times, it advisable to use an exfoliator to remove the ingrown hair. Dilute 4 aspirins in ½ tablespoon water and add one teaspoon honey to it, to make a thick paste. Apply this paste to the affected area and leave it for 10 minutes. Then rinse with lukewarm water and see the difference.

4. Yellow teeth – Over time teeth tend to become yellow and stained and the stains refuse to budge despite regular brushing flossing. In such cases, take three teaspoons of baking soda and add one teaspoon of water. Use this concoction to brush your teeth. Avoid doing this daily as it can be harmful for the teeth enamel.

5. Chapped lips – Lips become dry even with a slight change in the weather. Dry lips take no time in becoming chapped and even bleed some times. To smoothen your chapped lips, use brown sugar along with a wet cloth to gently rub off the scaly lip skin. For a more permanent solution, apply a mixture of ½ teaspoon honey with 1 teaspoon olive oil to the lip every night.

6. Wrinkles – These are the sign of ageing. To reduce wrinkles naturally, apply milk powder mixed with honey on your skin. Olive oil mixed with lemon juice is also good to remove wrinkles.

7. Yellowish nails – A lot of nail paint application can render the nails yellowish after a long period of time. To remove these stains, take 1/4th cup of hydrogen peroxide and add a few lemon drops to it. You can soak your fingers in it or take cotton balls dipped in the mixture and rub it rigorously on your nails.

8. Dry skin – Dry skin is a common problem among people. To naturally moisturize the skin, mix lemon juice, olive oil and sugar and use the mixture as a scrub while bathing. You will find your skin to be softer, smoother and moisturized instantly.

9. Tanned skin – No matter how meticulously you remember to use a sunscreen before stepping out of the house, your skin is bound to get a slight tan from continuous exposure to the sun. To remove this tan, peeled potato, lemon juice or raw milk is very effective.

10. Dark underarms – To get rid of underarm darkening, use lemon juice while bathing to lighten the skin in the affected area. Also, use coconut oil to massage your underarms to keep them from darkening.