10 Simple Things that Cause Stress

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10 Surprising Things which Cause Stress

At times, it is not the big things in life that causes stress; instead, there are little things of our daily routine that cause us more stress. These little things are called ‘life hassles’, which most of us struggle through every day. However, it is when these life hassles accumulate and pile up on us, that we finally suffer a nervous breakdown. Stresses are of two types – Eustress and Distress. Eustress is good for health whereas distress is detrimental to one’s health. More often than not, we get so engrossed in dealing with the big things in life that we fail to pay attention to the little ones that are actually stressors in our daily life. Given here are 10 simple things that can cause stress that you should be aware of.

1. Hunger – Hunger is the biggest source of stress. Whether it is because you’re dieting or because you simply forgot to have lunch, hunger sends a panic message to the amygdala in the brain, which is responsible for stress response. Thus, body goes into a stress-combat mode automatically, causing distress to the individual.

2. Negative Relationships – Humans get attached to other humans in such a way, that even if the person is harming us, physically or emotionally, we would not let go of them. If you have people in your life who are toxic, they will stress you out unconsciously and you will constantly be in a defensive mode.

3. Feeling helpless – In life decisions or at work, feeling of helplessness causes immense stress because you may want to take charge of the situation, but you see no way out or around it. Since the amygdala likes to be in control at all times, helplessness triggers its combat system and causes unnecessary.

4. Environmental Noise – After a hard day at work, our mind deserves a little peace. However, if your workplace is noisy and so is your house environment, the mind undergoes stress due to lack of peace.

5. Perfectionist attitude – If you aim to be perfect to the Z in life, then it is going to stress you out sooner or later. This is because, although perfection is good, aiming for it in every minuscule thing is foolishness and the failure in it, causes you stress.

6. Constant venting – We all need some place and some time to vent out our frustrations. However, engaging in this constantly is also a cause of stress to the body.

7. Using gadgets at night – By nighttime, our bodies are preparing to sleep and thus, the systems slow down. Even the mind takes liberty to return to minimal functioning. However, if you use your phones, laptops or other gadgets in bed, right before sleeping, the mind is forced to stay awake and thus, it causes your stress.

8. Past grudges – Holding on to past grudges stops you from moving on from the unfortunate incident that gave rise to those grudges. Thus, a constant reminder of the past can be very stressful.

9. Anger – Even anger which is not expressed or vented, can cause you stress. Knowing that someone has done something to you that you do not approve of or that you dislike is enough to cause anger. This anger, in turn, leads to stress.

10. Overthinking – Going over every detail constantly to make sure everything is right, or fussing over a trivial matter for weeks, trying to decipher its hidden meaning; such overthinking behaviors cause the mind and body a lot of stress, without your conscious knowledge.