10 Styling Tips You Can Steal from Rani Mukherjee

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Styling Tips to Look Like Rani Mukerji

Want to learn how to look like Bollywood actress and star Rani Mukerji? Here is your comprehensive how-to guide on Rani Mukerji’s beauty secrets, makeup mantras, and hair styling tips.

Ask anyone and they’ll agree that Rani Mukherjee is the most talented actress Bollywood has had in an over a decade. She has delivered a series of critically-acclaimed box office hits, the most notable being Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Black. Rani is often featured in gossip tabloids for her alleged relationship with Yash Raj Films director Aditya Chopra, whom she is rumoured to be marrying in the near future.

Known for her raspy voice, petite frame, and honey-colored eyes, this “Khandala” girl has held and will hold the hearts of men and women across India for years to come.

1. When in confusion, wear Sabyasachi
Expert couturier Sabyasachi Mukherjee is the actress’s go-to style fairy god mother. She has never taken a style slip when dressed by the designer. What’s more, when it is a basic yet explanation making all red look with negligible adornments, we can just wish we had Sabyasachi on speed dial as well.

2. Stock up on prints
Prints can take your collection from dull to fab in a matter of seconds—with curiously large sprouts on her kurta, Mukerji is by all accounts in on this mystery.

3. Sari blouses 2.0 are on-point
The sari blouse is recovering its spot in the spotlight, rising as an easy approach to update an old drape. We’re thoroughly burrowing Mukerji’s three-quartered sleeve shirt-style form.

4. Head-to-toe gold for the win
A limited yet imperial head-to-toe gold look is the conventional wear shade of the season, one that our glamor girl sports with matchless pizazz. Complete the look with red lips.

5. Go for nerd chic with a turn
Whoever said larger than usual spectacles are saved just for trendy person prepared looks plainly hasn’t seen the actress shaking her feline eye pair with an embellished sari. Go with the same pattern, we say, no different extras needed.

6. Embrace secured Indian wear
Cinched waists are thinning and limitlessly chic, and need not be confined just to your skater dresses. The leather belt gave her ethnic maxi simply the right completing touch, the main extra the look required.

7. Add a bindi
It’s awful that insufficient ladies give into the charms of the brilliant bindi. Thankfully Mukerji is not one of them. A splendid red spot on her brow has gotten to be something of her mark and we adore it!

8. Say yes to the veritable appeal of a many-sided dupatta
Rather than being hindered by a plainly adorned anarkali, basically toss on a head-swinging dupatta to up your game, much the same as actress frequently does. Put resources into two or three unbiased anarkalis to blend and match.

9. Nude lips! Keep it simple.
At the point when your outfit is as brilliant as Indian wear ordinarily seems to be, don’t include strong make-up that will pointlessly battle for consideration. Essential bare lips will keep up the equalization and do the trap.

10. Remember white is constantly right
Mukerji has been brandishing white saris and suits much sooner than the shading turned into the most pined for pattern of the season. Wear a Lucknowisalwar with silver tribal adornments or add a pop of shading to your white sari by means of a coloured blouse.