2 Year Old Baby Skin Care Tips

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Best Skin Care Tips for Your 2 Year Old Baby

Naturally the skin of babies is very soft like flowers. There are a number of reasons why one should not stroke their faces and nuzzle the heads. A baby’s skin is flawless. The feeling of freshness and newness can be felt when we touch their body. Needless to say that as a new member of this polluted earth; their tender skin has to tolerate various harsh situations. It is their moms’ responsibility to take care of their skin. Let’s have a look at 5 important skin-care tips for 2-year-old babies.

1. Two years old means your baby is now walking and having bath in the bath tub. Keeping the dermatological issue in mind, use filtered or germ-free water for bathing. It is a fact that this water may enter baby’s mouth also. Moreover, always clean the tub so that no fungi can form.

2. As your baby’s skin is very soft and sensitive, try not to use soap; instead, use mild and fragrance-free body wash. The alkali-based soaps are not suitable for the tender skin. So concentrate on specially formulated soap and shampoo for infants when bathing them.

3. Though there are lots of baby powders in the market, it is better to avoid them. First and foremost reason is, the dust can create pulmonary problem if inhaled. So if it is necessary to apply it, take some powder on your palm and clap to remove excess powder and the whole process should be done far away from your baby. Then apply the thin coat. Rather, baby lotion should be used as the infants’ skin is prone to dryness and requires to be hydrated through moisturizer.

4. Always dry your baby’s fold areas like armpits, thigh and genital areas when you want to apply lotion. Otherwise, it can get stuck in these areas with water and will form rashes.

5. Never use unwashed clothes and towels. Clean your baby’s outfits with antiseptic solution and keep aside in a germ-free place. Due to excessive sensitive skin, it can lead to allergic reaction if not washed properly.