50 Years Down the Line, Will We Pay a High Price for Water?

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Water Prices – Why They’re Likely to Go Even Higher

Our ancestors would never could have possibly imagined that there will come a day when people will buy something that is naturally available for free – water. Water is one of those important resources without which no living being can possibly survive. Be it plants, animals, birds every living being needs water to survive and conduct livelihood chores. Let alone humans! Sadly, this large and multipurpose resource is giving chills with the rise in the problems which is created in the world due to various environmental crisis. Above everything else, water is getting depleted faster than we can imagine. Within just a few seconds tons of litres of water are disappearing due to the reckless attitude of people. With each passing day, global warming is increasing, natural resources are depleting and thus, the prices for these natural resources are rocketing.

Companies have started thinking of water as a commodity for trade already. With the depleting levels of fresh water bodies, more and more people are resorting to bottled water. Although bottled water is popular right now, the supply of fresh water by the municipal corporation is a relief since it doesn’t cost half as much as bottled water and requires only the turning of a tap. In the time to come, buying water will also be a task as there will be absolutely no water left for consumption at all.

The population is increasing by the day and the water levels are depleting on a similar rage. Surviving without water just 50 years later will result into numerous death caused due to dehydration and various other health problem. People will expect or rather live for shorter periods of life. The life expectancy will reduce and will cause a major havoc for people. In any case, if water becomes a luxury item in the time to come this definitely will be shocking. There is also a high possibility where in only the rich will be able to afford water or may be store it for a long period of time. People will only then realise the value of water which they took for granted just a few years ago. Sadly, people fail to realise the depth of the issue and how soon all of the population will become victims to it.

However, the CEO of Nestle has argued that people do not have the right over water more than what they require for basic survival. The WHO has set the bar of amount of water required for survival to 20 litres a day. Thus, any more water than 20 litres per individual should be payable. Water might be available for free, but it is depleting quickly and thus, using more water than necessary for purposes like golf courses and private lawns, is actually a wastage of a valuable natural resource.

Looking at the present scenario, it is highly possible that 50 years down the line, we will have to pay a high price for water, just like we do for petrol and other fuel. Selling water, which is a natural resource will soon become a great commodity for trade which will never face a setback since human life depends on water for survival. Unless the wastage of water is curbed and supply of water per household is limited, water will be an expensive commodity in future. There is still is little time left for mankind to solve this issue appropriately and take right steps to conserve water today. There still is a high possibility that considerably large amounts of water can be safeguarded and conserved in the few last remaining years. Go ahead and spread this message across to many.