A List of Healthy Foods to Eat for Breakfast

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A Healthy Breakfast Foods List

People are very busy these days. Especially in the morning they have to wake up and literally rush to their office without even having breakfast. Skipping meals ruins your health. You should never skip your first meal in the morning. In fact that should be substantial. Some simple breakfast recipes can solve your problem. These recipes are very delicious as well as healthy to keep you fit and energetic all day-long.

1. Oat meal has always been a favourite item to provide sufficient nutrients at breakfast. As people of every age go out to their workplace or to school and college after breakfast, it should be sufficient and nutritious. Oatmeal is full of soluble fiber; that is why you can stay without feeling hungry for a long time. It can be made with sugar or salt. So according to your taste, prepare oatmeal for your breakfast.

2. As breakfast must be balanced with essential nutrients, egg is one of the best breakfast items that can provide sufficient nutrients along with protein. From boiled egg to omelet, everybody loves to have it for breakfast. Some prefer it half boiled and some like it hard boiled.

3. If you have to choose between refined white bread and whole-grain bread, it must be said that whole-grain variety is a better option to make your breakfast healthy and satisfactory. The super source of dietary fiber along with vitamins B, E, and iron makes the whole-grain bread most popular for morning breakfast. This can also be eaten by cardiac patients and diabetic patients safely without any hesitation.

4. Banana is another choice for making the breakfast healthy and delicious. A big size banana along with other items helps to keep your tummy full. Due to the carbohydrate content, it provides energy and calories. So prepare your oatmeal or cereals with sliced or mashed banana with milk. You don’t need to add extra sugar as it contains natural sweetness and other electrolytes like potassium.

5. Due to the Catechins, the antioxidants, tea at breakfast is very effective for increasing immunity power. Besides hydrating the body, it can enhance the metabolism and help shed excess fat. Green tea is much more effective than black tea or tea with milk.