ASP.NET : Adding CSS Template to ASP.NET Master Page

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How to use CSS template in my web site

Creating first website from css templates.
Creating websites using css templates, master page using css templates, edit web configuration file for adding theme.
Customize the free css templates for website.
How to convert a css template to template.

step1 :- Create an empty website and add masterpage to website


step2 :- Add a webform and select it’s masterpage as the previously created masterpage


step3 :- Add theme to the website


step4 :- Copy css template which is downloaded from and paste it to the newly created theme folder.then edit webconfig file by adding the tag “pages theme=”theme1>


step5 :- Then copy index file body content and paste it to the masterfile (paste it above the contentplaceholder)


step6 :- Run the website.


Watch Video Tutorial of Adding CSS Template to ASP.NET Master Page