All About Giving Birth, Home Birth and Natural Birth

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What is Home Birth and Natural Birth

Birth is the process by which young mammals separate physically from their mother’s womb to start life as a separate being. It can also be defined as the emergence and separation of young offspring from their mother. Giving birth is always a painful process, yet new mothers seem to forget the labour pains, nine months of physical discomfort when their little one opens his eyes for the first time. Mothers may follow the natural methods, unusual methods or may have to opt for a caesarean when giving birth. You may have to wait patiently till your body heals and functioning properly again, as giving birth can be quite rough causing a lot of pain, torn muscles and bleeding.

Expectant mothers may choose among various methods when giving birth, a natural birth is a complex system where the mother remains conscious through labour and does not use anesthetics and drugs; the mother takes lessons to learn preparatory techniques to help assist and speed up delivery, the process of a natural birth starts with educational classes where the expectant mother is enlightened about labour, childbirth; the breathing and relaxation techniques and pushing methods that help to reduce pain caused by contractions. There are many benefits that these classes can offer, firstly it reduces the fears that many first time mothers have about labour, pregnancy. You can learn techniques that help to reduce muscle tension, labour pains; speed up delivery, these techniques makes the mother participate in the delivery. A natural birth means that you give birth the normal way without using anesthetics or drugs to ease pain or speed up delivery, although painful, the mother is in control of her own body and relies on relaxation methods and controlled breathing. Many women choose this method of childbirth because they wish to avoid risks associated with medicines and the effects that it may have on the child and mother. Medications that reduce pain may make you nauseous, decrease blood pressure, slow down or speed up delivery.

There are various methods to give birth; the popularity of each method depends largely on the pain relief factor. These methods include natural birth, home birth, water birth, medicated birth, cesareans, and hypno-birth, other techniques and methods include acupuncture, acupressure, reflexology, non recumbent birthing positions, herbs, aromatherapy and a trip to a chiropractor before you delivery date. This article focuses on home birth as a method of childbirth; as the name implies, in this method, this delivery takes place in the comfort of your own home rather than a hospital. Many people are unnerved by hospitals, this tension can also make childbirth in a hospital particularly traumatic, and being at home provides some form of comfort and relaxes the mother to be. This method should only be undertaken if the delivery has no complications and must be performed by a trained professional only, of you are expecting twins, triplets or quintuplets, you should go straight to a hospital, as delivering more than one baby can lead to complications. Home births are only safe when the mother is at low risk, has had prenatal care and if there is a qualified attendant present to deliver the baby. The home offers a higher level of comfort and privacy when compared to a hospital. There is also lowered risk of infection and the mother is free to do whatever makes her comfortable.