Amazon 3D smartphone coming on June 18: Everything we know so far

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Amazon’s 3D Smartphone launches today – Here’s what we know so far

Keep your fingers crossed as the final hour has arrived when Amazon 3D smartphone will unveil its astounding features and amusing options that have raised high levels of curiosity among the buyers. The colossal online retailer Amazon has quite intellectually planned the launch of the new device in the market dominated by other popular and illustrious brands. The phone is anticipated to be blended with 3-D interface and entrancing multiple front-facing cameras. The phone is ought to have some distinguished and exciting features that shall aid its sustainability in the market dominated by other smart brands and esteemed corporates. Some of the incredible features of Amazon 3D smartphone have been garnered and given below.

  • Mind-blowing3D interface

The much awaited amusing Amazon 3D smartphone has an ornamental display and riveting 3D interface that is bound to sweep the attraction of the crowd. Complete information about the display has not been perceived but there has been a strong indication that the new age device is invigorated by a spectacular 3D display or an interface that is tamed by your head movement. It is pretty intuitive and fascinating for the users to enjoy the navigation through various options and applications by simple moving or tilting the phone around. With this brilliant display and 3D interface Amazon 3D smartphone is one of the marvelous things since sliced bread.

  • Amazing and enhanced games

Amazon has not left the stone unturned in the field of gaming and with its 3D interface it is expected to offer an enjoyable and terrific gaming experience. It shall definitely awe the youngsters with its potential gaming feature that will cut the mustard of the crowd.

  • Innovative 3D shopping

Shape your thoughts creatively and capture 3D beauty of objects. It gives an exciting touch to your online shopping by capturing 3D image of sneakers or dresses and cherishes a much interesting view. You can also take a 3D view of your living room and shop furnitures to adorn your house. You can simply capture a picture of the furnitures and digitally insert the product in the picture of the room to get a prominent notion about its fitting.

  • Easy grocery shopping

Get all the grocery at your doorstep with the sensational Amazon 3D smartphone. It has been propelled with Wi-Fi wand named Amazon Dash that eases scanning of barcode. It enhances and simplifies the barcode scanning applications. You can simply browse through a lengthy list of products you wish to purchase online and get it at your doorstep without dragging the shopping cart by combining the Amazon Dash with same day grocery service of Amazon. This is a highly entrancing feature for multi-tasking home-makers and students fraternity.

  • Free streaming Video and elite music

The breath-taking Amazon 3D smartphone is anticipated to be a free ad-aided version of instant video service. Amazon has negotiated to include older famous music with the recent ones. The music streaming service is thus also an additional exquisite feature in the list.

No wonder the Amazon 3D smartphone has created an ambience of vivacity and brilliance with its splendid features and magnificent 3D interface.