Apple’s iPhone 6 Set for Unveiling in August, So Earlier

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Apple to unveil iPhone 6 in August, earlier than expected

What’s the biggest buzz in the phone trade? It’s the apple of our eye Apple iPhone being unveiled way before the scheduled date. The Apple fans were all at agog to see two new Apple phone by the month of September but it is going to hit the market in August itself with its lavish features and glamorous look. Much sooner than the anticipated date is going to shake the world with its brilliance and splendor. It’s the incarnation of the popular Apple series and the astounding rumors of launching the iPhone before time has excited all the Apple fans and users. The Apple iPhone 6 is propelled with the following expected features and specifications.

  • Display and Dimension

The modish and well-equipped device is believed to dazzle everyone with its magnificent display of 4.7 inches. News and reports have confirmation the affirmation of a grand big screen of Apple iPhone6. You can sense pride in flaunting this classic device and experience style and class. No wonder the dimensions of the Apple iPhone 6 are quite big. It shall supposedly be longer and wider than the previously launched iPhones but it is comparatively slimmer.

  • The pleasure of Touchscreen

Apart from the spectacular display Apple iPhone 6 is accelerated by an extremely sensitive touchscreen that will ease your effort in navigating all over the screen with gentle and smooth taps. You can seamlessly access different files and folders and all application with this highly effective touchscreen.

  • A sturdy Battery

Apple iPhone 6 is propelled with a strong and powerful battery between 1700 mAh and 2000mAh. This will enhance optimum power management and ensure long surfing hours and unperturbed conversations. The internal structure of this sophisticated device has something new and exciting to you.

  • Click Amazing pictures

An amazing and crystal clear picture quality with crisp graphics is offered by the magnificent Apple iPhone6. A phenomenal change in Apple iPhone 6 is the optical Image Stabilization. You can the capture the precious moments and beautify them with scintillating effects by using the top-class camera configuration. High Mega-pixels of supreme Apple camera blended with image enhancing components are the stupendous features of Apple iPhone6.

  • Improved and enhanced Wi-Fi

The elegant and trendy Apple iPhone 6 is designed and fabricated to offer better Wi-Fi connection. You can smoothly access net and browse various internet search engines using this feature.

Phenomenal changes with enhanced hardware components have been fabricated in Apple iPhone6. It is also equipped with advance auto focus mechanism VCIM OIS system that will ease the motion of hands while capturing images.An image sensor and lens adds to its brilliance. The new age device has smart applications with advanced and sophisticated design amalgamated with a lavish big screen. It is bound to enthrall everyone the moments it hits the market and create a fabulous buzz. The early device has astounded people worldwide with its surprising early release and it shall also leave everyone spellbound with its magnificence and working.