Are there any Free Online Courses with Certificates?

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List of Best Free Online Courses with Certificates

Web and Mobile Development
This course is with free certificates are offered BitDegree. This course is appropriate both for beginners and advanced coders. They offer general video courses, combining both theoretical and practical parts of learning.

Event Management
Event manager handles all minute details of weddings, festivals, and corporate parties. This free course teaches you the basics of event creation and strategies for effective event marketing. It is course of 80 hours offered by Oxford Home Study College.

Microsoft Azure Virtual Bootcamp
This popular course is related to cloud computing and created by Catapult Systems. They designed a free bootcamp to learn cloud technologies by providing 2-3 videos per week and offer a free certification also.

Concepts in Game Development
This free 4 week online course offered by Open2study makes you learn about game world. You will get to learn about game design, structures, graphs and behavior of game characters.

Online Marketing & Advertising Courses
GenM offers free online certificate course providing lessons in Content Marketing and Paid Advertising.

Business Law and Ethics
This free certificate course offered by Saylor Academy gives knowledge about the laws and ethical standards of business. This 133 hours course covers topics like dispute resolution, torts, contracts, property law, and business ethics.

Diploma in Accounting – Advanced Controls and Transactions
This free diploma with free certificate is offered by Global Text Project for specialization in Business and Accounting. This will provide you knowledge about business transactions, controls and processes.

Introduction to Computer Science
Saylor Academy offers online course for basic concepts of computers and computing. It is a 95 hours course covering topics like software development, object-oriented programming, and fundamentals of Java, user-defined methods, and arrays.

Writing for Web and Mobile
This online course offered by Aquent Gymnasium will give you knowledge to craft compelling content for email messages, blog posts, and more.

Principles of Microeconomics
This course is offered by Saylor Academy that helps to analyze the choices and decisions made by individuals manage scarce resources after evaluating resources, costs, and trade-offs. Its duration is approximately 83 hours.

Computer Architecture
This course related to interactions between hardware and software is offered by Saylor Academy. This 109 hours course is for experienced programmer having lessons on important features in computer architecture.

Introductory Photography Course
This free certificate course offered by Udemy make you learn the working and techniques of Camera.

Introduction to Molecular and Cellular Biology
This course offered by Saylor Academy provides you detailed knowledge about the structure and function of biological macromolecules and cellular components. Its duration is 80 hours.

Mobile Robotics
Open2Study offers a free certificate course that helps to build your own mobile robot. You will learn to design, implement, and troubleshoot a robotic system.

Android Development
This free course is for those who want to become an Android Developer. It is offered by Udemy with 121 lectures. This will help you to create your own professional Android App and deploy it on the Playstore.