Are There Any Vegan Sources of Collagen?

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Can Collagen Be Obtained From Vegan Protein?

The people who are really conscious about their skin and their beauty there must know about collagen right now. This is kind of a protein supplement for your skin which makes it glowing in nature. But sometimes the people who are vegan in practice, they want this supplement to be vegan also. But is it really possible? Because collagen is generally obtained from the animal proteins in which animals like fish or beef is used. And this protein is found in the body parts like bones, skins, hair or nails. So it is really confusing whether it can be vegan or not. But according to some scientists in today’s era have claimed that vegan collagen can be made. And if it is true then so many problems can be solved at once.

How it is made:
Nowadays collagen can be made from other sources than animals which are yeast and bacteria. These are genetically modified to produce collagen from it. Among all the bacterias, P. pastoris is the most efficient bacteria in which high-quality collagen can be made by modifying it genetically. Actually, some human genes are added to the gene structure of the bacterias and then they produce blocks of collagen for human beings. An enzyme named pepsin is added to it to get the proper structure of collagen for the human body. So this is the way how you can get vegan collagen instead of animal protein made collagen supplement.
Vegan Foods to get Collagen:

There are some vegan foods from which Collagen is obtained. The foods are:
1. Soybean
2. Nuts
3. Beans
4. Legumes

And these are really helpful for our skin and whole body.

Benefits of Vegan Collagen:
if you opt for vegan collagen instead of the animal protein source collagen then you will get some awesome benefits for your body by it which you cannot even imagine yourself. Top five benefits of this type of vegan collagen are given below which are really mind-blowing in nature.

1. Cost is lower:
If you want to get vegan collagen then you will not face any budget crunch because it is is really very cost effective in nature. This type of collagen is is very much scalable but mass production is not done as of now. but when it will start to happen then that will be a great source of collagen for medical issues too.

2. No allergy will be there:
Most allergies happen from animal source collagen and this problem will be totally removed if you use vegan collagen. And also no animals will be harmed if you use this for your body.

3. Safety will be high:
Vegan collagen will be much safer than and animal source collagen because these are made in the lab and any kind of harmful effect can be e controlled completely.

4. Availability will be great:
There will be no need to have any Animal and there won’t be any scarcity because of these rules. Vegan collagen can be made available in a large manner because it is obtained from a laboratory procedure.

5. Beauty benefits are there:
Vegan collagen our environment-friendly and because of that, it has so many benefits regarding the skin and hair which can do miracles to your beauty.