Associates in Criminal Justice Salary

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Associate Degree in Criminal Justice Salary

There’s a wide spectrum of salaries in Criminal Law and Justice, with some of the lawyers making a lot of salaries, while security guards only get to earn $25,770. According to the research, it is less than the median salary for all the workers who don’t have a college degree.

Criminal Justice and Law jobs are meant to be compensated well. It is because they provide essential services and because they tend to be higher on the stress scale.

Take a look at some of the highest paying as well as demanding careers in Criminal Justice and Law field.

Highest paying jobs:
If you want to earn more in Criminal Law and Justice, make sure to start studying for LSAT, Law School Admission Test. This is because lawyers, who are also known as attorneys are the ones who are the highest earners in this field.

The specialists in the field of law, they usually specialize in a particular field, such as potent law or immigration, and they also get the chance to work in different types of settings. These include law firms, private practices, nonprofits, businesses or government companies.

If you want to be a lawyer, it is imperative to attend a law school and get a degree of Juris Doctor. Then,you’ll have to go through the bar examination so that you get the license to practice in the state bar. After getting all of this training, the normal salary of the lawyers is $119,160 annually. But the ones who earn a lot more can make a little more than that.

As per the PayScale, these are the different types of lawyers who get the highest level of compensation, when you also add the bonus along with other compensations with the salary:

1. Patent Attorney: $230,757 in a year

2. Law firm Lawyer: $256,000 in a year

3. Corporate Lawyer: $304,000 in a year

Fastest-growing jobs:
The careers with a lot of growth and development in the field of Criminal Law and Justice reflects the increasing amount of court cases and legal services. Fortunately, these roles are also compensated well.

They work to get rid of any kind of dispute that takes place outside the courtroom and are lawyers, former judges or other professionals on a frequent basis. They work for the facilitation of negotiations and even act impartially in any kind of dispute between the two parties.

The best thing about this job title is most of them don’t have a degree related to this field. Most of them either have a law degree, bachelor’s degree or MBA. With a normal salary of $60,780, this can be a better opportunity for someone who has experience in this field and looking for a change in their career.

If you want to start as a Criminal Law and Justice quickly, working as a Paralegal could be the best way. You can become a Paralegal only with an associate degree. With the salary of $50,500, the associate degree will pay off.