Attorney for Car Accident in Houston

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Best Car Accident Lawyer in Houston

Are you hurt in a car accident? If this is the case, you need to get help from a professional car accident lawyer and get it hired fast. After all, there are various medical and hospital bills that you need to pay.

Why hire a Houston lawyer in a car accident?
It is highly suggested to hire a lawyer immediately if some vehicular wreck has taken place and any of these situations apply:
1. Various parties were involved
2. One or more persons were killed or injured
3. The report of a police car accident doesn’t match the incident
4. One or more parties were uninsured

Make sure not to handle things with the insurance organizations alone. Do consult the car attorney lawyer who would help you to deal with the insurance company.

Most common causes of vehicle accidents in Houston:
1. Work on the road
2. Wildlife
3. Speeding of the vehicle
4. Texting
5. Use of drugs
6. Alcohol
7. Improper maintenance
8. Hazards on the roads
9. Dangerous intersections
10. Cracks on pavements

What are the most common injuries of a car accident in Houston?
Most of the injuries take place in Houston car accidents. Some of the common ones include:
1. Scrapes and cuts which can be different in severity
2. Little tissue injuries such as stretches or tears to tendons, ligaments or muscles
3. Broken bones or fractures taken place in the body but most often in legs and arms
4. Contusions and bruises
5. Neck and back injuries like whiplash, sprains, strains as well as cervical dislocation
6. Head or brain injuries including skull fractures, concussions, lacerations, internal bleeding and traumatic injuries of the brain
7. Spinal injuries that include herniated disks in the back and damage of spinal cord, possibly leading to loss of movement or sensation

How do car accidents settlements work?
Settlements are done by the checkbook of the insurance company and normally in a lumpsum.

If the person is at fault, can a Houston lawyer can be hired?
Yes, there are the possibilities but essential things might apply like whether the fault was shared in the wreck. If the other driver has to be blamed, he/she must be blamed 50 percent if you would like to receive anything. In other words, if your fault is of 40 percent and the drivers was of 60 percent, you’ll get the claim of 60%. But, if your fault is more than 50 percent then you would get nothing.

Can an insurance company be sued without hiring a lawyer?
Yes,it’s possible but it’s not a good idea. A normal person would not know the evidence rules and this is why it is essential to hire one. The court will ask you to know about the procedures and rules. In this case, the other side will take advantage.

Lawyers know about the law and its rules and regulations and this is why they are in this field. You would need a qualified lawyer to help you.