Awakening India – Awareness of Recycling Programs

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Why is it Important to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle Things

Nature has given to us every beautiful thing we have ever witnessed in our lives. Starting from the seas, birds, fresh air, trees, mountains and animals everything has been nothing short of a gift to us. The beautiful and impeccable huge forests, serenity of the seas and strength of the mountains and hills, all of these beautiful things have made us understand the very fact about nature its ways and its beauty. Nowadays, I see many people click pictures of the sunset, sunrise, birds, leaves, plants, fruits and people. The style of the photographers is something like this, Click, edit, post and wait for the likes and comments. More and more people are doing this or rather using this is as a medium for gaining popularity and showcasing their talents to the world digitally. I abhor this completely. Abhor.

For those amateur and experienced photographers who click the pictures of the beautiful nature must try to dig deeper. How many people who click the beauty ignore the dirt and the pain nature is writhing with? When you click pictures of good and pretty things you must also not forget to click pictures of animals and nature who are suffering due to our deeds and carelessness. There are lakhs and lakhs of land and sea animals who suffer or even die due to the reckless minds of humans.

So, what do we do about this issue? The answer is very simple and clear that it is time more and more people learn how to reuse and recycle the products in the most efficient manner. After drinking an aerated drink from a plastic bottle do not throw it, rather wash it and use it for your day to day purposes. Avoid using plastic bags but instead use old newspapers and transform them into amazing, creative and multi-purpose utility paper bags. Hindu culture follows the system of throwing all religious waste into the sea and rivers. STOP THAT. Please realise that such ropes or powdered chemicals can be dangerous to the sea creatures even resulting to death. Plastic bags block the system of the animals and thus, they die. Animals die without even being able to ask for help. They cannot speak, but it is for us to understand the pain.

I see people walking by a dirty street and covering their noses and complaining and blaming the government. I say BLAME YOURSELF. It is on people like you and me who have to take a stand and make sure world is a better place with people more aware and alert. More than half of population does not even know or are not aware about the consequences of their actions. India needs to wake up majorly because maximum number of undue and harmful waste is discarded from India in the form of china borne idols, flowers, crackers, harmful colors, etc.

By now I am sure you understand what the importance of reuse is and recycle in the age of global warming. I am NOT going to list down any tips to reuse or recycle stuff. That’s for you to figure out and make it a habit. Also, when you click pictures of something beautiful don’t just click but also try to do something about it so that it stays the way you clicked it forever.

Strive for a better world today, live happily and secure tomorrow. We must live at peace with animals, birds, nature and humans. Realise Today!