Ayurvedic Diet Tips for Monsoon, Healthy Monsoon with Ayurveda

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Ayurvedic Diet Tips to Stay Healthy in Monsoon Season

People live through a variety of seasons. One of the seasons is rainy season. People eagerly wait for the refreshing monsoon rains after a long period of terrible hot climate. It is a season of regeneration. From sowing to greening the field, monsoon plays an important role. But, at the same time, waterborne diseases surface during this season. So, people must be aware of these diseases and should take preventive measures at this time. Diet must be restricted and light for keeping the intestine free from an attack of waterborne bacteria and germs. Some important Ayurvedic diets are described below.

1. Diarrhea and stomach irritation are the most common ailments in the rainy season. To prevent these types of diseases Gotu Kola is highly recommended as it contains therapeutic properties for healing watery or loose bowel movement. The extracted water in which Gotu Kola leaves are boiled is very beneficial for keeping the stomach free from infection.

2. Curd has some live bacteria. Though it sounds odd, it is a fact that two live bacteria named lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium are present in curd which are effective in preventing stomach problems. These are helpful for restoring good bacteria and kill the bad bacteria in the intestinal tract.

3. Dyspepsia (indigestion) is another ailment during the monsoon which is very irritating and troublesome. But starving is not the solution for dyspepsia. Rather, it should be prevented. Carrot juice is ideal for this purpose. The anti-dyspeptic effects of carrot help to cure the problem by providing the nutrients lost from diarrhea.

4. As monsoon is the season of stomach ailments, , plain white rice should be taken instead of spicy food. First of all, it is easy to digest and plain white rice can decrease the amount of watery stool. So, consume a small amount of white plain rice if the problem persists and increase the amount as the condition improves.

5. Due to the presence of pectin, ripe banana can be an important diet during monsoon. To reduce the severeness of diarrhea, the contribution of banana is remarkable. It is only due to pectin as it is a water-soluble fiber. It also contains potassium which is one of the most important electrolytes.

6. Prepare herbal tea adding cinnamon or ginger and consume daily during monsoon season.

7. Include milk, ghee, barley and bitter gourds in your diet. Also consume dry fruits like almonds, walnuts and pistachios.