Beauty Secrets of Celebrities Over 40 and 50

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Top Beauty Secrets of Stunning Celebrities Over 40 and 50

Celebrities are our idols. We, the common people follow their lifestyle, fashion and beauty regime. As their socioeconomic condition is fabulous, common people believe that the celebrities live in a dream world. They try to copy their lifestyle and follow their secret beauty tips. Such beauty secrets are discussed below.

1. According to Lauren Hutton, the American modeling icon and successful actress, sound sleep and healthy diet can achieve beauty. Fun living along with makeup is a vital point to look beautiful without getting obsessive about it. She believes that obsession kills the spirit of beauty.

2. Virginia Elizabeth is a renowned American actress and a sports personality in archery. She believes that the secret of beauty lies in self-confidence. Side by side, physical ability to do one’s best leads to attaining the beautiful appearance.

3. Gloria Estefan is considered as the most hardworking beauty icon in the glamour world. Besides being renowned as a humanitarian, she is popular as a songwriter and actress in Latin America. According to this Miami-based working woman, happiness and peace of mind are reflected in external beauty. So, before applying heavy makeup, one should be cheerful at heart.

4. Susan Sarandon is a famous table tennis lover, actress and humanitarian. She has said repeatedly that she feels beautiful to walk on the red carpet and draws satisfaction by observing her fans’ happiness. According to her, the outfit should be comfortable so that you are at ease. Dissatisfaction makes one dull, which is reflected in one’s appearance.

5. Elizabeth Hurley is a model and English actress. She frequently uses moisturizer on the skin to keep her skin looking younger. She is of the opinion that one should always use skin moisturizer and avoid central heating in rooms. She likes to spend time in the open to get fresh air. She also thinks that caffeine can disturb your sleep.

6. Last but not the least, Miss World Aishwarya Rai who has been gifted beauty genetically. But to keep this beauty intact, she still maintains beauty routines. Healthy lifestyle is the primary secret of her beauty. She never smokes, nor consumes junk food or drinks alcohol but instead she has lots of fresh fruits and green veggies. According to her, drinking adequate amount of water is essential to hydrate the skin. She uses home-based skin care products regularly.