Beauty Secrets You Can Do at Home

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DIY Natural Beauty Hacks You Can Do at Home

Instead of forking out a lot of money to the beauty parlor, you can try numerous kinds of beauty applications available in your home. Your kitchen contains many ingredients which are truly beneficial for skin, hair and face. Only you have to know well the key ingredients and the proper usage. These items have provided beauty secrets from the ancient period. So, why shouldn’t you take advantage of these ingredients? Let’s have a look.

1. Papaya is considered as an angel fruit among the fruits. Its constituent properties like vitamin A, vitamin C, Magnesium and Potassium help in removing dead cells and provides a glowing skin if applied in the form of face pack. It is ideal for all skin types to prevent aging, pimples and pigmentation.

2. As we all know, suntan is a big problem in summer season, especially for those who have outside jobs under the terrible heat of the sun. For such people, cucumber provides cooling effect and proper moisturizer due to its vitamin C content. So, use a pack with the juice of cucumber, rose water and lemon juice every day during summer.

3. Fenugreek seed is commonly found in all kitchens. It is good for skin and hair. It is a rich source of vitamin C, L-tryptophan, lysine, alkaloids, iron, potassium, diosgenin, steroidal saponins and fibers. These amazing ingredients help to reduce hair fall if it is soaked in water and this water is used for washing the hair.

4. Dandruff is another hair problem which must be eradicated. Instead of visiting a dermatologist, you can try lemon juice to uproot the dry flakes from the scalp. It works amazingly due to its vitamins A, B and C, and adequate amount of antioxidants and phosphorus content. Apply lemon juice with lukewarm hair oil and massage the scalp.

5. Wrinkles and dark circles are common problems after a certain age. There are lots of reasons behind these issues like, stress, tension, sleeplessness, intake of numerous medicines and application of cosmetics. But you can prevent aging marks by using milk and honey pack. Do at least once a month to get a magical result.

6. Make sugar body-scrub using equal quantities of sugar and olive oil (alternatively, use coconut oil or almond oil). Scrub your skin with it for a few minutes. Wash with warm water. It will exfoliate your skin.