Best Automobile Engineering Colleges in the World

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Best Universities for Automobile Engineering in the World

Are you ready to design and change the transportation future? You must be fantasized by cars and you want to change the industry of automobile by designing amazing and cool vehicles, whether it’s a normal one or the flying vehicle, doing a lot more with safety features, alternative fuels or batteries.

A degree in the automobile industry is the best option that gives you an idea that is needed for your creative mind. As an expert of automobile engineer, you’ll get more involved in a lot more things then only designing bikes or cars.

If you are the one interested in preparing for the fields such as automobile engineer or technical adviser, go through these universities all over the world that offer the best engineering degrees in an automobile.

1. Isik University – Turkey:
This university gives you the option to learn about the functions of automobile engineering in different areas such as assembly, automotive production as well as robot systems. The syllabus of the degree consists of topics such as safety systems, vehicle dynamics,and thermal sciences. You’ll get the best skills to adapt the methods of statistics and mathematics to know about different engineering issues.

2. HAN University of Applied Sciences – Netherlands:
The university has a long history if talking about the education of automobile engineering. The degree in this field offers students a wide knowledge of how to design vehicles for the future – hybrid vehicles with safety features and zero emission.

In your last year, you can take a placement in the MNC company that deals in vehicles, whether it is the manufacturing company or designing firm.

3. Coventry University – UK:
The degree taken at this University in automobile engineering let you know about the designing issues for vehicles and how to evaluate components, the behavior of a vehicle and systems. The university consists of the best facilities as well as laboratories and students get the chance to work in top companies such as Aston Martin, Honda or work on the military vehicles.

4. Manchester Metropolitan University – UK:
The degree in Automotive engineering at the university covers courses of thermodynamics, designs of engineering and distribution and power generation. In the first 2 years of the course, you get the combined knowledge of electrical and mechanical engineering so that you get the complete picture on how vehicles work.

The best function about this degree is you can test your designing skills in Formula racing car competition.

5. Hamk University of Applied Sciences – Finland:
In this degree from this university, you get the option to choose from two modules which are production process automation and production machinery automation. The research majorly focuses on research and you’ll get to specialize in the field of information technology in the automobile industry.

So, are you curious to study in the field of automotive engineering? Don’t forget to take a look at the universities mentioned above and shine bright in your future.