Best Community Colleges in Grand Rapids Michigan

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How Many Colleges are in Grand Rapids MI

Not every student like to attend college for four years or more. Even the ones who plan to seek for the bachelor’s degree don’t have to start from the expensive college. Community colleges are the cost-effective options that offer certificate programs along with the career training and degree programs that can be used as an advantage to study at another college.

There are more than 30 colleges in Michigan and all of them together enroll about 5 lakh students. Some of them work as an online college while others provide programs particularly designed for distant learners. Some of the others offer a more traditional and campus-based experience.

The best Michigan community colleges are the ones that offer various education options. They have flexible arrangements to schedule things, graduate most of the students on time and help students who want to continue their transfer of education to a four-year school. Whether you have graduated recently or an adult getting back to the classroom, keep reading below to know more about the top community colleges of Michigan.

1. Lansing Community College:
It is situated in the capital city of the state, it is one of the best community colleges of Michigan. It started in the year 1957 and it offers classes from career development to general education and personal enrichment.

In the campus, students get access to various organizations that relate both to professional pursuits and personal interests. The college also includes athletic teams of both the genders, leadership academy,andthe school newspaper.

2. Washtenaw Community College:
If you are looking for the best community college to study in Michigan, take a turn to Ann Arbor. The city is not only the home of Michigan University but also one of the top colleges in the state.

The college is serving students for more than 40 years and it consists of small sizes of class, open-door policy and a lot of students body. To make the education experience better, the college even has online courses along with the weekend and night classes.

3. Delta College:
This college let the students think big without making any hole to a pocket. Its affordable tuition fee is one such reason that makes this college on top in Michigan.

Opening its gates in 1961, Delta offers a lot of certificate programs and also has more than 100 transfer degree options which are already approved by the 20 university partners.

4. Muskegon Community College:
Head towards the west side of Michigan to get to this college. It is not only the best one but also the oldest one in Michigan. It got started in the year 1926 and the college offer programs that consist of degrees and certificate.

The college has about 15-acre laboratory space, planetarium and the state’s only community-owned golf course. The college has various unique attributes which contribute to being one of the top colleges in Michigan.

Bottom line:
If you are planning to take a transfer degree, make sure to check the colleges mentioned-above for the best career ahead.