Best Criminal Lawyers in Fairfax VA

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Top Criminal Lawyers in Fairfax Northern Virginia

There are various reasons one might get charged with a crime that include false accusations, mistaken identity, and bad judgment, lack of restraint or this feeling that an individual had no other option but to go with these actions.

Regardless of the circumstances that lead to a criminal charge, if you are the accused in Virginia, you would be wise enough to learn about the charges that you go with. If you or any of your loved one is facing criminal charges in Fairfax VA, it is essential to consult a Virginia criminal lawyer who has the experience in handling cases from fraud to reckless driving.

Here are the best lawyers you can hire in such cases:
1. Faraji A. Rosenthall
A former prosecutor if Virginia knows about all the strategies of a state and how to deal with them. Moreover, he’s also a second-generation criminal lawyer who is dedicated to protecting the rights of Virginia people.

Faraji started to take criminal cases in the year 2009, using his experience as a prosecutor to build strong cases. Currently, he handles different types of cases such as crime, assault, theft, murder, drugs, robbery, etc.

2. B.R Billy Hicks
He has been a lawyer for more than 39 years now. He went to the college on GI Bill and worked in a law school as a full-time policeman. After completing his graduation, he worked as the assistant Attorney for about 2 and a half years. He started a private practice in the year 1979 but worked as a part-time prosecutor for nearly about 18 years. He has represented his so many clients who have been charged guilty.

3. Carly Jehlen Hart
Carly mainly focuses in the areas of traffic and criminal defense, civil litigation,and domestic law. She has been practicing since 2010 and joined the organization as a partner in 2019. As a dedicated lawyer, Hart feels happy whenever she helps her clients to get out of the case. She used to work as a clerk while in law school for Santa Office.

After that, she started her career in private practice with the specialization in criminal defense. From the year 2014 to 2017, she was even the partner at McGlone & Jehlen.

4. Seth Quint Peritz
Since her graduation from Willian and Mary Law School, Set has been practicing as the attorney in the area of North Virginia. Before his joining in Robinson Law, he used to work as an immigration firm and criminal defense by handling marijuana, traffic cases, drug cases, violent crimes,and sex crimes. He started his career as a lawyer so that he could help people in their difficult time of being charged with a crime.

5. Ronald E. Smith
He practices in the State and Federal Courts, Loudon Counties and Prince William in Fairfax. Whether you are charged with theft, DWI or drugs, the lawyer will put all his efforts to mount a defense in your case.

So, if you are also someone suffering from criminal cases, make sure to only contact the best lawyers mentioned above.