Best Foods for Gout and Diabetes

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Foods Good for Gout and Diabetes

Gout is considered as a painful form of arthritis that takes place when a high level of uric acid forms in the blood and lead to crystal formation and accumulate in and around the joint. Urine acid is formed when the body breaks down a chemical called purine. It takes place naturally in the body but is also present in some of the foods. Uric acid gets eliminated from the body in the form of urine.

A gout diet might help to decrease the level of uric acid present in the blood. A gout diet might not be a cure but it can lower the risk of getting gout attacks and slow the risk of joint damage.

People who tend to follow a gout diet might still need medications to manage pain and lower the uric acid level.

Goals of the gout diet:

This diet is designed specifically to help you:

1. Avoid some of the foods rich in purine

2. Achieve a healthy weight and eating habits

3. Include food in your diet that can reduce the level of uric acid

The best rule is to eat healthy food.

Details of the diet:

The usual principles of a diet of gout follow normal recommendations for a healthy diet:

1. Complicated carbs:
Consume more vegetables, fruits as well as whole grains, which offer a lot of carbs. Avoid beverages and foods that contain high-fructose syrup of corn and limit the intake of naturally sweet fruit juices.

2. Loss of weight:
If the person is overweight, it can increase the risk of development in gout and losing it will lower the gout risk. The research has suggested that reducing calories while losing weight, even without a purine restricted diet lower the risk of levels and also the number of gout attacks. Losing weight can also help to lessen the stress on joints.

3. Fats:
Get rid of the saturated fats which come from fatty poultry, red meat,and high-fat dairy products.

4. Water:
Drink a lot of water and stay hydrated.

5. Proteins:
Focus more to eat poultry and lean meat, lentils and low-fat dairy products which are also the high sources of protein.

Some of the supplements and food that are recommended to take include:

6. Seafood:
Some of the seafood like shellfish, anchovies, tuna,and sardines are the foods that are high in purines than any other type of food. Less portion of fish can be a part of the gout diet.

7. Glandular and organ meats:
Avoid eating meats like kidney, liver,and sweetbreads which has a high level of purine and contribute to higher blood levels of uric acid.

8. High purine vegetables:
The studies have shown that vegetables which have high purine like spinach and asparagus, don’t increase the risk of having gouts or attack related to it.

9. Cherry:
It has been found that cherries reduce the risk of gout attacks.

Following a gout diet with fewer calories and sticking to regular exercise can help to improve your health from which you’ll be able to maintain a healthy weight.