Best Foods in the World by Country

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Best Foods in Different Countries

Each and every country in this world is famous for a special cuisine of it. And that is really very impressive when it comes to the food and people remain really very curious about different types of food available in different countries. And as we all love the food we must try out some awesome cuisines of different countries whenever we visit those places. Here we have listed five countries with special foods of these places.

1. United States:
This is the era of Fast Food and the idea of Fast Food was originated from the United States of America only. The trend of eating burger came from this country. Different types of burgers are invented in the USA and then the whole world has taken up the special type of item in their kitchen. It is actually a kind of sandwich with two pieces of bread and stuffing in between. But the food has taken up a lot of fan following in the time being. The big reason for it because it takes less time to eat these type of food and the USA people do not have much time in their hand always.

2. Mexico:
Mexico is the country of spices and there you will get awesome food with mostly hot spices in it. The very famous tacos are the invention of Mexican people which contains spicy stuffing inside it. And people are going to Gaga for this food a lot in the whole world right now. If you want something really very spicy then you must try out Mexican food sometimes and your taste buds will be satisfied a lot.

3. Thailand:
Thailand is very famous for its special foods. Generally, Thai people love all types of tastes like sweet, shower, salty as well as spicy. Their food is a little slippery sometimes also they can accommodate all types of tastes in just one dish which is really very impressive in nature. Som Tam is a very famous salad in Thailand which has an extraordinary taste with spicy, salty and also a bit of sweet and sour taste in it.

4. India:
India is a country where different types of people are there and different places in this country have different food items and food habits for the people. In India people IIT Sweet dishes as well as hot dishes also. And that is the uniqueness of India. The people here I really fond of very simple food like dal and Chawal. But also they love to drink tea very much. So this is the place where you will always get a cup of tea whenever you want.

5. China:
We always make a big Hype about Chinese food and they are really awesome in nature. Chinese people have so many things in their pocket to make your taste buds happy always. The very famous Chinese noodles are always in demand in almost all countries. And mostly the people who love to eat light they prefer Chinese food in general. These foods are of less spicy and also very much sufficient for a complete meal.