Best Lipstick Colours for Dark Lips

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Perfect Lipstick Colours (Shades) for Dark Lips

Women who have dark complexion should be very careful about the color selection of lipsticks. Getting suitable color lipstick can be quite a problem, especially when the girl is not familiar with her skin tone. This article will explain how to choose the exact lipstick colors for dark lips. Skin undertone plays an important role in this endeavour. It is generally seen that dark skin complexion consists of two undertones i.e., golden yellow and warm red. So lipstick colors should be chosen according to these undertones. By keeping this fact in mind, the lipsticks colours are pale pink, peach and light beige for thin lips; mauve, red berry and soft pink for full lips, to look stunning. If the users belong to teenage group, they can try gold, bright red, berry and fuchsia to express the youth. But it is suggested to strictly avoid dark color shades like dark purple and dark red shade which will make them look like vampires. However, here 5 lipstick colors are recommended for dark lips.

1. Red color lipsticks look good on women of dark complexion. Glossy to matte, it enhances the glamor instantly. The color red has a timeless beauty that exudes romantic appeal and vibrant feeling on dark lips. Red color also offers various shades and if the right shades are chosen, you will get a sexy appearance. Again the great characteristic of red color lipsticks is, it beautifully blends with both undertones.

2. For dark lips, choosing a blue color for lipsticks is the trendy fashion. Myriad shades of blue hue can be found in blue lipsticks. The shades range from sky blue to purple, light blue to navy blue and bright blue hues. Plus, blue shades of lipsticks can provide extra benefits. Wearing this shade makes teeth look whiter than pearl. They also help to tone down the undertones and make one look youthful.

3. Orange shades of lipstick complement dark lips. The yellowish orange color is perfect for golden undertones. It should be mentioned that makeup should be simple without heavy eye shadows and eyeliners. A little mascara can be used. Copper or gold hues are good. However, orange shades are the best for dark lips.

4. Any shade of brown is ideal for dark lips. A girl with dark complexion can try shades of brown from chocolate to dark. If a lighter version of brown is preferred, then select the neutral color without any hesitation. But, brown shades of lipsticks should be selected according to the skin undertones and color of the eyes. Brown shade is ideal for all kinds of occasions. From funerals to workplace, brown offers a wide range of shades.

5. Some nude shades are truly popular for women with dark complexion. Through these applications, users get complete opaque coverage. These are all well pigmented with consistent, lightweight and smooth textures. The characteristics of these kinds of lipsticks are basically semi-matte. These are without any taste and fragrance. Dark lips caused by sun exposure can be healed by using these types of nude shades. Users may keep the shade on the lips 4 to 5 hours intact.