Best Miniature Golf Courses in Myrtle Beach

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What are the Best Mini Golf Course in Myrtle Beach

Dragon’s Lair Fantasy Golf:
Dragon’s Lair Fantasy Golf is an amazing castle in the magical kingdom of Myrtleness. It is located in Broadway at the Beach. It is mini-golf with 36 holes. It also offers many adventures activities which add an era of entertainment and enjoyment to it. This course is set in the Dark Ages and winds through meandering streams, through a Viking Ship and inside of castles and caves.

Molten Mountain Miniature Golf:
Molten Mountain Miniature Golf is the popular mini-golf courses with 18 or 36 holes. It is located in North Myrtle Beach. It is known for its 50-foot active volcano that erupts after every 30 minutes.

Cancun Lagoon Miniature Golf:
Cancun Lagoon Miniature Golf is an ancient mini golf with 27 holes. It is located on South Kings Highway. It is surrounded by a 50-foot Mayan pyramid. It is invented by a warrior named Pakal. It also has artifacts, waterfalls, palm trees, statues, and skeletons. The winds through the Mayan temple, offers the cool air-conditioned indoor miniature golf course.

Mount Atlanticus Miniature Golf:
It is one of the oldest and popular courses having two 18-hole tracks on the Grand Stand, Mount Atlanticus. It has two courses: – Conch and Minotaur. Minotaur is more challenging than Conch. The players have to work their way through thatched huts, sea monsters, aliens for some of the most challenging shots. It provides spectacular views of the ocean and downtown.

Professor Hacker’s Lost Treasure Golf:
Professor Hacker’s Lost Treasure Golf is an 18-hole miniature golf course with ultimate adventure. Players have to solve a giant riddle while playing the unique course starting from Myrtle Beach to Pennsylvania. They have to go through caves, waterfalls, dinosaur skeletons and old ruins of yore to gather the clues to find Professor Hacker’s lost treasure of gold and diamonds.

Jurassic Mini Golf:
Jurassic Mini Golf course is home to many life-size dinosaurs. It is Located on South Kings Highway. It has 36-hole course with two layouts – the Ice Age and Predator. Waterfalls, volcanoes, and caves add obstacles for the players.

Captain Hook’s Adventure Golf:
Captain Hook’s Adventure Golf is a peter pan themed mini-golf course with 18-holes. It is located on North Kings Highway. It includes skill caves, Hook’s famous ship, and lagoons with a certain alligator lurking. The players use their golf skills to walk through the skull cave to save Tinkerbell from Hook’s clutches.

Mayday Miniature Golf:
Mayday Miniature Golf is known as the best survival themed course and featured on the Travel Channel. It is located in North Myrtle Beach having two challenging 18-hole courses. The players have to make through the rushing streams, rocky hills, cascading waterfalls and a helicopter wait.

Hawaiian Rumble:
Hawaiian Rumble hosted the annual U.S. Pro Mini Golf Masters Tournament. It is known for the active 40-foot volcano erupting after every 20 minutes. It is an 18-hole miniature golf course centered on a tropical Hawaiian Garden with waterfalls and Jimmy Buffet best music.