Best Moisturizing Lipsticks for Dry Lips

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Best Lipsticks That Won’t Dry Out Your Lips

Dry or chapped lips can’t be beautiful or appealing even after using stunning lipsticks. Firstly dryness should be eradicated permanently. If the body gets dehydrated from inside, the lips become chapped or dry. So keeping the body healthy and hydrated always, drinking sufficient water is essential. Even, watery fruits and green vegetables play an important role to prevent dry lips problem. After drinking adequate water and nutrients, lipstick has a significant role to play. So, various companies have launched moisturizing lipsticks for dry lips. Here we discuss about 5 amazing moisturizing lipsticks which are in demand.

1. Smoked Purple from MAC is high on the popular list. The satin matte purplish red shade lipstick is a complete moisturizing item which is oily also. Due to the presence of non- drying elements and moisturizing properties, it prevents chapped lips problem and bleeding.

2. Cinnamon Toast from L’Oreal Color Riche can claim the second position based on public demand. It is a brilliant brown shade with a coral undertone. The hydrating texture of this lipstick contains adequate pigmentation and creamy-glossy finish. The nature of this item helps to stop bleeding from dryness and erase the fine lines. Due to the presence of omega-3, lips become baby soft and get proper nourishment through vitamin E.

3. Soft Nude from Bobbi Brown can be placed in third position. The nude brown hue is the unique characteristic of this lipstick. With its application, lips get full opaque coverage for having lightweight and creamy-smooth texture. This semi matte and moisturizing lipstick is fully free from taste and odor.

4. Alabama lipstick from NYX Matte is my fourth choice among top 5 moisturizing lipsticks. It is ideal for dark complexion as it contains dark red shade. It is a consistent and smooth item with good pigmentation. Though it is a matte finish, it provides sufficient moisturizing so that lips don’t get a chance to get dry.

5. Fuchsia Fever from Maybelline is the last one. The neon pink lipstick contains the extract of honey. As honey is a natural humectant, by using the lipstick, lips don’t get dry and remain moisturized for a long time.