Best Party Places in Delhi for Birthday

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Best Birthday Party Venues in Delhi

Do you want to spend your birthday in Delhi? Then you must look for ok for some best places to make your day special. And this can be done in some special places which are perfect for special occasions. We have given here the top 5 places you can go on your birthday to celebrate it in a grand way.

1. Headphones:
If you want to celebrate your birthday a bit differently then headphones is the best place for you. The place is made with the idea of a silent Disco where you can put on your headphones and dance as much as you like with the song of your choice. You will be given 3 choices of the song there which are Sufi, English and they will play one song on screen and you have to choose only one among these three options. This is the first-ever silent disco in Delhi and if you want a last in your birthday in a silent way, you should opt for this place.

2. Triveni:
If you want a comfortable place to sit and enjoy the serenity of the atmosphere then Triveni terrace Cafe is the best option for you. This is a rooftop Cafe with a very nice family atmosphere. The aura of this place is very comfortable and you don’t have to go into much etiquettes and manners here. Show the people who want to spend their birthday in a homely way then they should choose this cafe for sure.

3. Lady Baga:
Are you in love with the Goan culture? Then lady baga is the best birthday venue for you. It is a very nice restaurant which is made by Goan theme. It serves very nice Goan food with delicious sea fish and also plays to go and music all the time. The architecture of this place is inspired by the nature and the beach. So if you want a Bohemian birthday celebration on your special day then you must choose lady Baga for that.

4. BED:
Are you a king or Queen by yourself? Then the BED is the place for you. Everything here is really very grand in nature and you will get to enjoy the most luxurious service in this place. If you want to be the king or queen on your birthday then you must go to this place for sure.

5. The Electric Room:
Do you like a fierce celebration on your birthday? Then you must go to the electric room on that day. It is considered to be the best club in Delhi with some fierce vibe. If you are a complete Party Animal then you must choose this place for your birthday to go crazy on that evening.

These were the top 5 places you can go to celebrate your birthday in Delhi. This city e never disappoint anyone because it has everything you want on your special day. If you are willing to spend your birthday in Delhi then you should go for it and choose these places for celebration.