Best Quick-n-Easy Recipes for Lunch

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Quick and Easy Food Recipes for Lunch

People these days are very health-conscious. Most importantly, they don’t even have the time to prepare lunch for themselves before leaving for office. Even if a person is health-conscious he has to eat out every day as he is helpless. So, it is better you learn some healthy dishes that are easy to make and take little time. You can make various nutritional dishes which are healthy as well as delicious. If you want to maintain your calorie limits, then you can select ingredients accordingly.

1. Daily hotchpotch or Khichdi is as delicious as nutritious. It is one of the best lunch items which doesn’t require too much of time to prepare. It can be vegetarian or non-vegetarian. For veg khichdi, moong dal (split green gram) and gobindo bhog rice are required and after washing moong dal and rice, place the mixture in the pressure cooker and cook it. Serve with hot and ghee and fried papad. But to make it non-veg, onion, garlic, ginger and meat are needed along with rice and lentil.

2. Rice with chicken curry is another quick-n-easy recipe for lunch. After washing the chicken, marinate with grated onion and ginger and garlic paste. You can add curd for making it soft. Then saute it in the mustard oil. Cook well until the oil is released. Then add water according to your requirement. Add lemon juice and serve hot with rice.

3. Rice and fish curry is again a perfect lunch item which can be prepared within 15 minutes. Like chicken curry, fish also makes a quick-n-easy recipe for lunch. You can pick Rohi or Katla fish for instant making. You can add onion for making it tasty, but simple curry is healthier.

4. As an instant food, egg has traditionally been used from breakfast to lunch and dinner. Some may prefer boiled eggs and some others, omelet. However, to make it for lunch, you can fry the boiled egg and cook a paste of onion, ginger and garlic well with turmeric and cumin powder. When the oil separates, add water and salt. Now add eggs when the water reaches boiling point. You can do it with omelets also.

5. Paneer masala with roti or paratha is an ideal choice for lunch time. It is delicious and healthy too. If you have a salad to go with it, the lunch will be just marvelous.