BICSI Certification, Training and Course Details

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All About BICSI Certification, BICSI Training and BICSI Course

The BICSI or Building Industry Consulting Service International was established in 1974, its main aim is to cater to the needs of all telecommunications consultants. The bicsi certification is designed specifically for those professionals that work in IT systems industry. The bicsi certification is your key to a number of resources from the BICSI organization that can help you to develop as a professional. You can register as a BICSI member by submitting the application form which is available on their website. You can get your bicsi certification after you have completed the comprehensive training courses that are in store for you. The bicsi certification is a testimonial that proves that you are knowledgeable about the ITS industry and can guarantee you a successful future. The bicsi certification has a certain lifespan after which it will become outdated. At this stage you will have to sit for a re-certification examination.

You can learn a lot at the bicsi training courses that covers all fields related to the ITS industry. As a member of the BICSI, you will be entitled to a rebate on the total cost of your bicsi training course. The bicsi training courses are comprehensive and cover all the standards that have been developed for this industry; you will also learn how ITS systems are designed, maintained and installed and all the associated fields in telecommunications. The bicsi training courses are divided into different fields, each one having its own fee structure and course materials. You can also apply for bicsi training courses at independent training facilities, but these are not considered to be eligible. You should register for bicsi training courses at least forty five days in advance.

When you apply for a bicsi course, you will get to know about everything associated with an ITS systems, from the development and designing stage to the installation and maintenance stage. To ensure that you get seat in this coveted bicsi course, make sure that you apply for registration forty five days in advance. If you choose to cancel your registration, you will also receive a full refund two weeks before the commencement of the bicsi course. A bicsi course is customizable! This means that if a class consists of more than eight people, your company can choose the locations where the course may be held. If there are less than eight people in a single class, then the trainees will have to attend their bicsi course at any of their authorized centers. Companies may send the BICSI organization a proposal on which option will suit them best. The BICSI organization makes sure that all the re course materials are written and update by professionals who have relevant experience in their fields. This means that you will be getting the best value out of your bicsi course. Courses offered by the BICSI organization are categorized according to subjects; you can also opt for on-site training in the biggest companies. To find out more about this, you will have to go to their official website for detailed course related information.