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CAPM or Certified Associate in Project Management is another training certification meant for project management professionals. CAPM certifications are offered by PMIA CAPM certification showcases your skill in the processes, terms and methods used in project management. Anyone can apply for CAPM certification, students, and project management professionals, people wanting to change careers or those who want to further themselves in this field. To apply for CAPM certification, you will need to fulfill the pre requisites of having a high school diploma, 1500 hours of project experience or 23 hours of project management education. A CAPM certification has plenty to offer you in terms of enhancing your resumes so that you stand out from the crowd. To maintain your CAPM certification, you will have to re sit for the exam after five years; you do not have to earn any PDU’s.

CAPM training is offered by PMI and has plenty of potential meant for project management professionals. Thos e who don’t’ have enough project management work experience, should apply for CAPM training. To apply for CAPM training, you will need to fulfill the prerequisites of a high school diploma or a secondary degree or something of equivalent value. You will also need around 23 hours of project management education or 1500 hours of project management work experience. Those who have experience as project leaders or directors, may not have to sit though CAPM training but can directly move on to acquire a PMP qualification. CAPM training is recognized internationally, so the value that this certification adds to your list of credentials is immeasurable. CAPM training will also give you extensive knowledge about the methods, uses and benefits that are used in the field of project management.

Any CAPM course from accredited training centers will teach all that you need to know about project management. People who are project team members, junior project management practitioner, those who have just embarked into the field of project management should apply for a CAPM course. Anyone planning to do so must have the required educational qualifications and relate work experience before applying for a CAPM course; they are also expected to pass a computer based exam consisting of around 150 questions. Since the CAPM course is meant for the entry levels of project management, gradates and undergraduates can apply for this certification course. You can apply for a CAPM course, either online or you can download a form, fill it and sent it by mail. If you are accepted, you will receive an eligibility letter with a list of instructions and scheduling information reading the CAPM course and its examinations.

CAPM certification value is highly debatable; many people have the notion that CAPM certificate has no real value in the profession of project management. CAPM certification value is largely determined by the accreditation or affiliation of the training centre, when applying for CAPM; make sure that you go to a recognized one. In terms of employment, the CAPM certification value boosts your resume. Even if you don’t have the experience, taking an extra step to enhance your career shows potential employers that you have the determination to succeed and are result oriented. Since the CAPM course will cost you something, you will want to make sure that you choose the training center that has plenty of experience in conducting these exams. Getting training from the wrong center means that you have no real CAPM certification value as you will not receive the proper training. Although many employers will look for a PMP certification first, if you have no experience or have applied for your first job, having the CAPM certification value on your CV will help you to a great extent. Having a CAPM certification value shows that you have knowledge about project management.