Christian Baby Boy Names with Biblical Meanings

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Baby Boy Names with Biblical Meaning for Christians

Everyone wants unique and trending name for their child. Today, we are going to tell you some latest Christian baby boy names with biblical meaning. These all names have beautiful meaning. This list will solve your problem to give a good name to your baby boy.
Here are some of the trendy and unique Christian baby boy names:

Aabel- it simply means the breathe of god

Aaden- fire flame

Aadne- one who is sharp as an eagle

Abdiel- god servant

Aidan- superior and excellent than others

Aric- a holy leader

Aashif- a confident person

Ajoy- joyful person

Anbu- lovely and kindly person

Asher- happiness

Barnaby- prophet

Benedict- a person who is blessed with everything

Bert- a bright person

Boris- boris simply means warrior

Brendon- who likes to travel

Bryant- a strong person

Bond- bond here means farmer

Cyrus- sun

Carrick- a person like rock

Carney- warrior

Carroll- who is a champion

Dora- gift of god

Derek- a ruler

Eron- peacemaker

Elvin- a man who is noble with everyone

Francis- who is free

Frederick- a peaceful and lovely ruler

Hanly- who is a owner or ruler of a particular place

Jeff- peaceful ruler

Kevin- Kevin was a name of popular saint

Monte- as the name suggest, it stands for mountain

Marc- a person who is like god

Noel- who born on Christmas day

Norbert- sparkling personality

Paul- small peter- popular name that means a person who love horses

Roy- a person who lives like king

Ross- who is having red hairs

Simon- hear

Terrence- smooth

Thomas- Thomas was a disciple of Jesus

Willy- who is having a very strong mind

Yardley- it means forest

You can choose a name from this amazing list. These all names are unique with beautiful meanings. Moreover, these names are modern and trendy which is really significant.