Christian Biblical Names of Girls with Meanings

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Baby Girl Names with Biblical Meaning for Christians

If you looking for a perfect name for your baby girl then you are at right place. We will tell you some baby girl names with biblical meaning. Moreover, these names are unique and trendy ands best suitable in this modern era.
Here is the list of some baby girl names with biblical meaning:

Aayla- mountain top

Aasta- lovely person

Abmel- who is hopeful in critical situations also

Agnes- holy, pure

Ancy- beautiful than others

Adaa- happy girl

Aileen- light

Aindrila- superstar female

Alarice- who rule on others

Beata- blessed with everything

Belinda- a pretty girl

Bella- beautiful girl

Berta- shinning

Beth- who worship god

Blythe- who is free

Brenda- flame of fire

Briana- noble personality

Bernice- who brings victory

Calah- opportunity

Candace- who contribute

Clement- merciful and noble personality

Calla- beautiful

Delaney- challenging girl

Danica- bright morning star

Dinah- who judge others

Damris- little girl

Diana- perfect

Elora- a victory crown

Estelia- bright star

Esther- hidden

Eva- energizing

Fortunatus- lucky

Farah- joyful

Grace- blessed

Gabrieala- who believes god to be her strength

Hannah- merciful

Ina- queen

Joslyn- cheerful girl

Jochebed- honorable

Leona- lioness

Lily- innocent and beautiful

Mireya- it simply means miracle

Neriah- light of god

Nimah- blessing

Phoebe- pure and shining

Rose- a rose flower

Ruby- the red unique stone

Sarah- princess

Susanna- joyful

Serah- morning star

Terah- terah means to blow or breathe

Talitha- young women

Tirzah- pleasing personality

Victoria- victory

Zina- shining and beautiful

Zemira- song

You can choose a perfect name for your beautiful girl child from this list. We have given almost every unique and trendy name with meaning. It’s good if you give your child a name similar to her unique personality.