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The Constructive Cost model was developed by Barry Boehm; this is a type of software that is used to determine cost estimate. It works by combining a regression formula with predetermined parameters that are derived through the data of a particular project. The main cocomo model advantage is that you can determine the costs that will be incurred when investing in a particular project. Another cocomo model advantage is that the estimates and all other related information that is obtained is factual, so your results are always accurate. You can also customize the structure of the software to your convenience; this is yet another cocomo model advantage. The best cocomo model advantage is that it can be repeated any number of times, this means that you can calculate the cost of a particular project initially and determine how changes and modifications will affect your initial project estimates. Ease of use is what has made this model a popular one, the cocomo model advantage offered to its users allows them to be in full control of the projects and all the costs entailed. Another cocomo model advantage is that it is well documented and calibrated, offering precise calculations.

The cocomo 2 model is the successor of the first COCOMO model; it was built because the first COCOMO model was not compatible with the more recent practices in software development. The cocomo 2 model was also developed by Dr. Barry W. Boehm; the research was funded by the COCOMO II Program Affiliates. The cocomo 2 model concentrates on the three phases in the spiral life cycle-early designs, application development and lastly, the post architecture phase. The cocomo 2 model can modify itself for software reuse by using automated tools to translate existing software. The cocomo 2 model classifies all factors that can determine the outcome of a project and is also more accurate in helping you to scale these factors. The cocomo 2 model also makes it easier to choose the best project metrics. The COCOMO model is the most accurate cost estimation technique and is the best way to determine is a project is feasible or not.

There are plenty of places and websites that offer top quality cocomo model tutorial. The cocomo model tutorial gives you an insight into how the use the software. Te main idea behind any cocomo model tutorial is to understand how it can be applied to projects; it can help you to plan a project successfully in terms of schedule and cost estimates. A cocomo model tutorial will familiarize you with the entire software, so that you can understand what will go into the project concerned and how to utilize this software to make it a feasible one. COCOMO is a cost estimation technique that is a body of knowledge in itself, a cocomo model tutorial will help to make it more understand and therefore easier to use. A cocomo model tutorial will also give you the benefit of trying out the software on sample case studies before you actually apply it on real projects.