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The Construction Skills Certification Scheme or cscs certification is a competency card scheme that gives those professionals working in the field of building construction and engineering a means to stand out as qualified workers. The cscs certification can help you to differentiate yourself from the rest of the construction crowd by proving that you are dedicated to this as a field work. The cscs certification card is meant for those people who are working on construction; this is proof of your level of competency. The cscs certification can also help employers to lower their recruitment and training cost by choosing only skilled worker with highest levels of dedication and professionalism. The cscs certifications are of different levels and kinds, each one suiting the needs of many occupations in the field of construction. The cscs certification can guarantee you more work, as many employers expect their workers to have this certification as a recruitment credential.

All apply for ant cscs course; you will need to qualify the Health Safety and Environment test, once you have done this, you will have to fill up and submit the application form which can be downloaded at You will also have to pay the registration fee which is approximately 17.50 GBP for the cscs course examination and 30.00 GBP for your card. Only the CITB can conduct the cscs course examination under contract. The cscs course trains you in your respective field, after completion you will receive a card that mentions your designation. You can either be a trainee, a supervisor, technician or manager. The cscs course will also offer you a card that states the number of years of working experience that you have. So it will either state that you are a fresher or trainee or well experienced. Both employers and employees can apply for a cscs course; the card that you will receive at the end of the course will also specify your qualification for a job in the field of construction.

Application for cscs training begins with a Health Safety and Environment test, this will determine whether you are qualified enough to sit through the training course. This test is only administered by the CITB. Each cscs card scheme will have different tests that determine which is the best card for you. You can apply for cscs training by booking a seat for yourself either online or through phone, all tests are carried out in batches. After you have qualified your cscs training, you will have to contact the customer services and give them required information related to the company where you work, along with debit or credit card information. You can expect to receive your cscs card within ten days. Some companies will offer their employees a chance to register for cscs training; this however may come with an added cost, so will need to check this before you apply. If you do not want to pay anything extra, then you can also apply individually for cscs training. For information on how to do so, log on to , the site will give all the necessary details related to cscs training.