Do Roasted Peanuts Contain Bad Cholesterol

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Is There Bad (LDL) Cholesterol in Roasted Peanuts

We all know that peanut is a very healthy element which we can add to our diet to have a healthy life. But since a few years, it is considered as an enemy to our diet because it has a high content of fat in it. This is certainly true.

Peanuts have monounsaturated fats which are considered as bad cholesterol. So there are so many people who are leaving to eat roasted peanuts so that they don’t consume those elements which can cause a lower level of LDL in their body which is the result of the bad cholesterol content in the body. So eating roasted peanuts is losing popularity day by day.

In a study, it is shown that if you consume 1 or 2 ounces of peanuts for five times or more in a week then you have the risk of having heart disease which is around 25%. Peanuts can give you much more protein than any type of nut in the market and also it is an awesome source of fibre, potassium, zinc, Vitamin E and magnesium. But a certain level of bad cholesterol can destroy it all. So you need to be very careful while having peanuts. It is not that you have to leave it completely but you have to be careful about the quantity of having it. And if you can control the quantity and make sure that you don’t consume too much of roasted peanuts then you can fight those bad cholesterol and can prevent heart disease very effectively.

Does It Contain Bad Cholesterol?

Monounsaturated fats are bad for our body and these are the elements which are considered as bad cholesterol. And 80% of a peanut is the fat content and that is the biggest reason why you should have some constraint in eating them as a snack. Peanuts don’t have any kind of sugar or salt in them but the fat content is the culprit of all.
You will get a lot of protein and vitamins if you consume peanuts regularly but also fat content will go into your body which can cause serious heart disease.

Roasted peanuts have this tendency to lower your LDL which is really very harmful to your heart and the risk will be much higher if you consume peanuts daily or very frequently. The oil contains which are there in the peanut also has good cholesterol which is named as HDL but these polyunsaturated fats are not enough to remove the whole risk of having bad cholesterol.

These are the main reason why you should check the quantity you are having of roasted peanuts because these are kind of poison if you consume this regularly with your meal. Sometimes we add some notes to Our Daily eating schedule to get some extra protein or some vitamins and minerals out of it but it can be harmful to us if those nuts contain bad cholesterol in it. So this is our duty to check the contents before we add any kind of nuts to our diet chart.