Drinks that Can Cause Abortion

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Drinks that Can Cause Miscarriage

When a woman is pregnant she has to take care of her habit very carefully because now it is the question of herself and also her baby. And because of that, she must be very careful about her food habits and also drinking habits. There are so many foods and beverages which she must avoid during her pregnancy to prevent any kind of miscarriage at abortion. Sometimes we forget about beverages while we really care about food a lot. So here we have given 4 beverages you need to avoid when you are pregnant.

1. Caffeine:
If you are a person who consumes a lot of coffee then you should cut down that while you are pregnant because caffeine can cause a very serious problem to your baby. Caffeine has some elements which are not really good for our health and if you are going to get pregnant for you are pregnant then there is a high chance that you will face miscarriage and abortion because of that. And so you should not consume more than 200 milligrams of caffeine per day at this time. You can opt for some other beverages like tea at this time if you really want to drink something to clear up your mind.

2. Alcohol:
Alcohol is not good for our health in Hindi and if you are going to be a mother soon then you should not drink alcohol at this time. Alcohol increases the level of sugar in your blood which can cause some imbalances in hormones and also give a bad effect to your baby. Alcohol can also affect your liver in a large manner and you can have some serious digestion problem because of that. So you must avoid alcohol when you are pregnant to prevent any kind of miscarriage risk.

3. Packed Fruit Juices:

Fruit juices contain some preservatives which are not really good for our health. And it can cause even fatal to your baby. So when you are buying the packed fruit juices from the market and have it. Because those preservatives can even cause miscarriage if you drink those too much.

4. Unpasteurised Milk:
We all know that milk is very good for our health because it contains all types of vitamins and minerals as well as protein elements to supplement our body with a lot of good amount of nourishment. But unpasteurized milk is not so good in nature and that is the reason why a pregnant woman should not drink unpasteurized milk at all. Because unpasteurized milk is not really unified in nature and this can cause health issues and reason food poison at this time. And that can cause even abortion of the baby.

So these for beverages need to be avoided by a pregnant woman if she wants to keep her baby healthy. Because these beverages have some serious amount of bad elements which are not really good for our health and if it is the question of a pregnant woman then it can be seriously dangerous for her body.