Easy Eye Care Tips – Natural Home Remedies for Eye Care

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Herbal Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Eye Care

Our eyes are the beautiful part of our faces – they are also extremely vital and delicate, so we should take care of them seriously. Here are some eye care tips that are meant especially for those people who are too busy at work and can’t find time to go to an eye care specialist.

  • To de-stress tired eyes, you can use herbs, but make sure that they are 100% pure. You can use rose petals, mint leaves, chamomile and calendula by making a concoction using any of these herbs. Boil them in water, strain this liquid and dip tow pieces of gauze in it, squeeze the excess liquid and place them on your eyes for fifteen minutes.
  • Add a lot of tomato and carrot to your diet as they are known to improve the health of the eyes. You can also drink carrot or tomato juice twice a week to strengthen your eyes.
  • Beet root juice and parsley juices is also good for the eyes. Parsley juice is more powerful and you should not drink more than 40 ml daily. Try mixing parsley juice with other juices.
  • You can place two slices of potato or cucumber over the eyelid area – the soothing effect if these vegetables are especially beneficial for eyes that develop dryness and burning sensation from staring at a computer screen for too long. The daily application of cucumber or potato on your eyes for fifteen minutes will help relax your eyes.
  • You can massage your eyes with olive oil, almond oil or vitamin E oil for ten to twenty minutes. Massage you eyes with every week by placing a few drops on you little finger and massage the area gently. This will improve the blood circulation and your eyes will feel more refreshed.
  • If your job involves glaring at a computer screen all the time, you can simply dip your face in a shallow bowl of cold water for a few seconds and then lift you head, do this regularly to calm your eyes.
  • Boil a tablespoon of parsley leaves, fennel seeds and mint leaves and let it steep for fifteen minutes. Dip cotton swabs in this concoction and place in on your eyelid area for as long as you want which can be between ten to thirty minutes.
  • To maintain the health of your eyes, you can add aniseeds, parsley, and coriander to your diet, the regular consumption of which will help you to avoid weak and sluggish eyes and other eye disease like corneal ulcers, conjunctivitis, cataracts, ophthalmic.
  • Vitamin A is essential for healthy eyes, it can be found in foods like eggs, liver, fish. Liver and all vegetables and fruits that are yellow and orange colored. Dairy products also contain Vitamin A in them. Vitamin C is also good for your eyes, they are found mostly in citrus fruits like orange, tomato, lemon and in other food sources like cabbage, capsicum, gooseberries.