Easy Food Recipes for College Students

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Quick Food Recipes for College Students

Most college students these days can’t cook or don’t have the time to cook. They prefer eating out rather than cooking their own meals. This is not healthy at all. Eating junk food regularly may damage your health for a lifetime and you may face several problems later on in life. The case may be different for some other college students. Many may not be able to afford their college fees. So in order to save up money, they may go hungry.

1. Noodles are an all-time favorite food for college students. First, it takes very little amount of time to prepare and secondly, various ingredients may be added according to one’s taste. So, youngsters do not feel bored to consume it day after day. It can be made with a variety of vegetables or with non-vegetarian items like scrambled egg, boneless chicken or shrimps.

2. College students love to eat oats prepared with salt or sugar. It is quite easy to prepare and with oats, one can prepare many dishes. From oats khichdi to tasty oats porridge, all are very tasty and healthy items. Homemade savoury oats khichdi doesn’t require too many ingredients and can use vegetables which are found in the refrigerator.

3. Sandwiches with cheese and chicken are very popular with the students in the 20 years age group. Brown bread or normal bread can be the key ingredient of sandwich. Then mom can add slices of boiled potato, cucumber, tomato, cheese, egg or chicken to enhance the taste.

4. Cold coffee can be a great option for college students. The popularity of cold coffee is because it is easy to make, tasty and healthy. Milk provides sufficient nutrients, sugar provides energy and crushed ice makes the liquid creamy and very mouth-watering.

5. French toast is another item which is preferred by college students. Beat eggs. Soak the bread in it, shallow fry it and have it with tomato or chili sauce. Five to six bread slices and two eggs amply satisfy the appetite of the young students. Mothers feel greatly relieved with the success of the French toast.