Easy Snacks for Kids to Make at School

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Easy Snacks that Kids Can Make by Themselves at School

Kids are a hungry bunch and they usually feel like eating at all sorts of hours. They absolutely love eating because of the day full of activities which they undertake. So why mustn’t they feel hungry at school and why mustn’t they be empowered to make fun tasting stuff at school?

This article should assuage every parent’s worry regarding what might happen if kids decide to cook for themselves and end up hurting themselves, more so at school where the parents aren’t present. Well let me start by saying that not all cooking is as complex as a chemistry lab experiment. Cooking is absolutely not a rocket science. There are a few ‘gems’ out there that don’t require much skill yet manage to please your kids’ palate.

So without further ado, the first snack is called fruit and cheese kebabs and the name explains all the ingredients one needs! Okay so you need to prepare evenly diced fruit in a bowl add cubes of cheese to it also. Then thread them on a wooden kebab stick before they’re eaten. The best fruit combo is pineapple, apple, grapes and cheese (grapes can pose a choking hazard for younger kids so don’t add them to the mix if your kids are younger than 3). A little sour cheese helps in balancing some of the sweetness of the fruit.

Our next dish is probably on everybody’s ‘Top ten’ snacks list. It is the all-too-familiar fruit smoothie. Start with a few peeled overripe bananas in a container and then add a couple of cups of frozen or fresh berries and spoonful of frozen orange juice concentrate. Make sure to spread everything evenly and only then put it in the refrigerator or else or you risk turning it into a hard chunk. Now after it freezes to your liking different aged kids can do it differently. Older kids can simply put the frozen mix of fruits into a blender or a smoothie maker, add 3/4ths to a cup of water, put the top on and start blending. Be sure to blend until all the food chunks are gone. For the really young kids supervision is probably a good idea at this point. I know this is a little difficult to make at school but you probably could make it. If your school is lenient enough to allow you to make food then why discriminate among different food?

The next dish is called ‘Pizza crackers’. I love this the best out of the whole lot. All you need is crackers and your favourite pizza toppings and you’re set! Set the topping on each cracker (you could add different toppings to different crackers). I recommend trying out ham, pepper and pineapple chunks.

Now do you believe me? These recipes aren’t tough, are they? They will enable your kids to fine tune their motor skills and also teach them ways to fill their stomach by making quick snacks on their own.