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Fashion refers to any style, practice that is generally quite popular. Trends in clothing have changed over the centuries gone by. Fashion trends can be found in the clothes that you wear, the makeup you wear, footwear, accessories and even furniture and home decor. Many ages throughout history can be characterized by the fashion trends being followed during that period, people are concerned about their looks and the way they dress, so they always look out for the latest trends, latest textiles, fabrics and creations. Fashion, as many see it today, refers to clothing that many wear and the understanding and creation of it. Fashion is one of those arts that are constantly evolving, every fashion season brings with it new trends, some of these designs are extremely exclusive. Fashion is loved by all and can transform the way you look and feel about yourself, it is also a medium that many people use when making a social statement.

The fashion industry refers to all those people involved in the business of making and selling clothing, footwear, accessories, etc. ; these people refer to designers, models, makeup artists, special effects and graphics experts, suppliers, wholesalers, retailer and of course the critics. It gradually developed in America and Europe and is now globalised. The art of applying design, techniques and colour to accessories and clothing is known as fashion design. Fashion design is being taken as a serious profession as fashion has now become an important industry in an age when people want a custom designed and exclusive look. In fashion design, you learn how to create clothes, starting from a sketch, to planning fabrics to be used and their layout, stitching, fitting the dress and adding accessories and footwear to complete the look. In other categories you also understand fashion trends and how to merchandise clothes throughout each stage involved in the creation of garments. Fashion design also helps you to pick your career and choose what you want to specialize in; you can be a costume designer, clothes designer, designer, couturier etc. You can also move other fields like fashion advertising, fashion designing, retail sales, production and other fields related to fashion. The study of fashion design involves a thorough understanding of what, why and how trends are, you also understand colours, fabrics, various stitching and fitting techniques and applying all these to create a perfect dress. Fashion design also shows you how to apply various aesthetics, cultural designs and motifs.

Many people have their own fashion and dress sense, fashion and you are comparative ideas. Personal fashion styles differ according to men and women and even among men and among women, many people cannot afford to buy luxurious branded clothes, so they adapt various styles to suit their tastes. Fashion and you involves a clear understanding of personal style, even if it means not following the current and more popular styles and trends. This is because not all styles will fit a single person, for example a long flowing evening goon won’t look nearly as good on a short person as compared to a tall person. Fashion and you means standing out from the crowd by utilizing the right colours, fits and styles that will make you look thin, tall, create an illusion of a longer legs, but at the same time certain styles may not suit you as they will highlight undesirable features. Fashion and you refers to a dependent relationship between fashion trends and your personal style statement, simply picking clothes off the rack and wearing them does not make you trendy, you need to understand what suits your height, body shape, the fabrics and designs best suited to your and choose the right garment, this will in turn make you look good. Fashion and you means that every individual will have their own tastes, if you are more of a glam diva you will not be interested in the sporty look, if you are a fashionista, you will look for exclusive styles from premium brands. Fashion and you involves understanding your assets and choosing the right styles for based on what asset works for you.