Fazal-ur-Rehman Blames Women Wearing Jeans for Earthquakes

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Pakistani Politician Fazal-ur-Rehman Blames Women Wearing Jeans for Earthquakes

We have all heard of victim-blaming and slut-shaming taking place all over the world. Blame the rape victim, more often than not, women, for getting themselves in situations of rape. After all, women who wear “indecent” clothes and roam out “late” at night are all “asking for it”, right? Women are very conveniently being blamed for every wrong thing that happens in the world. Let that be related to women or no. The sad part is women are the first targets for everything. Why is it not such that men are being blamed for things which take place in the world? Are women cursed or deemed to be cursed?

If demeaning women by imposing such accusations on them was not enough for the undeniable male chauvinistic society, Pakistani politician, Fazal-ur-Rehman, goes one step further by holding women wearing jeans as responsible for earthquakes taking place around the world. He suggested that a military operation be carried out to ban all women from wearing jeans in Pakistan. He even claimed that if women stopped wearing jeans, the Taliban ‘brothers’ will stop attacking Pakistan and that these ‘immodest women’ who apparently wear jeans are also the causes of inflation, economic crisis and all other natural and economic disasters of the nation.

All those scientists who have spent years trying to understand the causal factors of earthquakes were possibly making up goofed up stories when they said earthquakes are caused by a shift in the plates below the surface of the earth. Our serious and most humble question to MaulanaFazal-ur-Rehman is quite simple – how exactly does women wearing jeans cause earthquake? What logical reasoning can he give behind his ridiculous statement of blaming women and their choice of clothes for a completely ‘NATURAL’ occurrence? In case he didn’t notice, earthquake falls under the category of ‘natural disasters’. Natural disasters, in itself means a disaster that has no human or artificial cause or is not the reason behind the same. Next we know, women will be blamed for causing global warming too, because like everything, women are responsible for all the things wrong and bad in the world. Women in the future will also be blamed for tsunami, hurricanes or floods which are caused to eruptions or disturbances in the natural factors. At this, we fail to decide whether we should laugh at the ridiculousness of the remarks or lash out at him in a rage.

It is people like Fazal-ur-Rehman who promote sexism in the world. It is because of such people that feminism today has become more of a war over gender ‘superiority’ rather than being a battle for gender ‘equality’. Why should the women specie be blamed for something that is absolutely and completely beyond their control? Such illogical and baseless remarks should be not condoned easily and must be held against the one who promotes gender discrimination. Blaming women, their clothes and their lifestyle for everything that goes wrong in the world is adding to the pile of world problems, not resolving them. It is high time that we make an effort to STOP SEXISM.