First Kiss Kissing Tips, How to Kiss, Hot Kissing Techniques

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Tips on Kissing for the First Time | First Kiss Kissing Tips

Kissing is one of the indicators of a compatible relationship; it also creates an impression on the person irrespective of whether it’s your spouse or the first kiss. It helps you and your partner to communicate on a romantic level. Your first kiss should be alone with just the two of you and no one else; this adds something special to your kiss. So if you are in a club or restaurant, ask your partner to accompany you to on a walk or drive and then enjoy an intimate.

When to make your move:

Picking the right moment is also crucial, if you lock eyes with your partner and neither of you look away, then this is the perfect moment for the perfect kiss. But if your partner starts talking about something or is trying to get something out of their eyes, this is not the best time for a kiss. Don’t suddenly kiss them during a conversation under a false notion that you are being spontaneous. This is bad timing, so be patient and wait that special moment. If it is the first kiss for the both of you or if you both really like each other, the awkwardness will not be too big an issue.

Bad breath ruins any kiss; so think ahead of your dinner date and stay away from foods that have a lot on spices and other pungent ingredients. You could eat dishes that have lemon or mint in them or carry some gum or mints to be on the safe side.

A kiss should be fresh every time, try considering putting your body into your kiss. A kiss should be an adventure in itself, starting with soft kisses on your partner’s neck and ears and then move onto the lips. Normally steamy kisses happen during the early part of the relationship or during the honey moon, many men and women feel that they don’t kiss their spouses as often as they would like. Kisses do not have to be too romantic as many romance novels have suggested, but they should communicate to your loved one that you still care about them despite all odds and still find enough time for them.

What you should look for:

In order to initiate a kiss, you can send out signals to your partner that you are interested. Look into your partners eyes, lower the tone and volume of your voice, this will display that you possess a deep emotion towards the person. Try to keep the saliva level to a minimum, not only does it ruin the moment-it’s just gross!

The main elements behind a great kiss should be to please your partner and yourself, keeping this in mind you can look for new ways to keep kissing exciting. You can try placing your hand gently on or around your partner’s neck; this makes your kiss more passionate and tells your partner that you want them. Don’t always assume that a kiss will lead to something else; try to enjoy the kiss as it is. After your kiss, sit close to your partner and try to maintain eye contact, or put your arm around them, this creates a sense of closeness.