Five Reasons Why You Must Trim Your Hair

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Top 5 Reasons Why Trimming Your Hair Once in 3 Months is A Must

Hair is the only thing that grows after you cut it. As funny as it sounds, we all know it is true. Surprisingly, it has been found that a regular haircut leads to better hair growth and maintains the volume, texture and luster of the hair. A haircut can alter your look from top to bottom and give you the much needed change. However, women especially are always too conscious of cutting the hair a little too much. There is just something about having long luscious hair that makes us incapable of having the heart to cut of those lovely long tresses. However, here are 5 reasons why trimming your hair once every 3 months is a must to obtain healthy and long hair:

1. Hair becomes unshapely:
After a certain while, our hair becomes unshapely and looks haphazardly placed on our heads. Nothing we do can make it look right and all our natural remedies and chemical treatments are efforts in vain. After all, unshaped hair does not even prove as an asset to show off. However, just trimming them a little and giving it a slight shape can be surprisingly helpful.

2. Noticeable split ends:
Hair is a matter of beauty and it would be really embarrassing if your hair were long and lovely but with noticeable split ends. Split ends cause thinning of hair, which in turn reduces the volume of the hair. Split ends do not just ruin the volume but also spoils the hair of the health which eventually leads to hair fall and various other scalp problems. Thus, getting rid of those split ends before they cause further damage is a wise idea.

3. Stunted growth:
If your hair is unkempt and does not undergo a haircut regularly, it can stunt the growth of the hair. Since all the beautiful ladies seek long tresses like that of Rapunzel, stunted growth can be very distressing. Stunted hair growth makes your hair fragile and weak over a period of time. Thus, getting a trim cut quarterly is a good idea to keep them hair growing.

4. Weak hair:
If you hair strands tend to break easily, it is time you get them trimmed. Breakage of hair is a sign of weak hair and although a cut won’t solve the problem, it will definitely make it easier to manage. If the hair is free of split ends and roughness, there will be lesser problems to deal with.

5. Curb hair-fall:
It is only when the hair is weak, with split-ends and damaged that hair-fall occurs. Although there are other reasons for hair-fall, such as stress and unbalanced diet, weak and damaged hair causes the most hair-fall. Thus, getting a trim every 3 months can ensure the quality of the hair remains intact and any damage can be taken care of.

Hair is a precious thing that enhances the beauty of living beings. Thus, keeping them healthy and well-kept by trimming them every 3 months is a must routine.