Five Tips to Keep Flowers Fresh and Long Lasting

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Top 5 Tips to Help Keep Flowers Healthy and Long Lasting

Probably one of the most beautiful things man has ever given another man is the flowers. Flowers bring an instant smile on your face irrespective of how your mood is. There is some kind of beauty in the flowers the naturally made color combinations, the patterns the texture all of it makes you want to gaze at it for long hours.

Flowers make the best home décor, irrespective of the color of themes, occasions or time of the day. They look pretty in all colors and in all kinds of vases. They make the house look prettier, with a touch of elegance, while making you feel slightly closer to nature. They also make the house more fragrant and have a calming influence over those in the house. However, flowers, once cut from their plant bodies, are short-lived.

We sacrifice their lives to beautify our homes. But, there are ways in which you can help to keep these lovely flowers healthy and long lasting. Many people are unaware about how to keep the flowers fresh and lively for long. Many estimate the flowers to live for not more than 3 days but there are ample of ways to keep the freshness and sweetness of flowers alive for even 7 days. Here are top 5 tips you can apply to keep your flowers healthy for a longer time:

1. Add a mixture of vinegar and sugar to the water that the flowers are being kept in. The idea behind this is quite simple – vinegar will help eliminate the bacteria that eats away the life from a flower, whereas sugar serves as food for the flower. With a disinfectant and food in their vase, flowers are sure to last longer than usual.

2. Do not place the flower vases next to any appliances such as television, laptops or computers. This is because the heat generated by these appliances can dehydrate the flowers and make them dull. Dehydration, just like in humans, can suck the life out of the flowers. Thus, keep the vases in cool places where heat won’t affect them.

3. Despite popular beliefs, keeping your flower vase in direct sunlight can cause more harm to the flowers, for the same reason as above – it causes dehydration. On the other hand, the cooler and darker the room in which the flowers are kept, the longer they will last.

4. If you have a bouquet of say about 7 flowers and one of them is dying rapidly while the others are still fresh, remove the dying one from the bunch as soon as possible. The saying ‘one rotten mango spoils the basket’ holds true for flowers too.

5. Clean the vase before placing flowers in it. Make sure the vase is clean of any soap remnants or dust and dirt before you put the flowers in it. A dirty vase may infect the flowers, causing them to shrivel prematurely.

Flowers need to be taken care of, if we are to have them last longer. Thus, taking necessary measures to elongate their life span is a must for all flower lovers.