Foods to Avoid Before Colonoscopy Procedure

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Foods Not to Eat Before Colonoscopy Procedure

Colonoscopy is the procedure by which a doctor uses some medical technique to avoid the colon cancer from your body and at this time your colon should be totally empty because if it contains any kind of food items then the procedure has to be aborted. So doctors advise to have fast or forbids us to eat some foods to you have a successful Colonoscopy. We have listed here around 5 foods you have to avoid if you are going to have a Colonoscopy.

1. Nuts:
If you are going to have Colonoscopy then you must avoid eating nuts because not digest themselves very lately. And it takes a lot of time to remove ads from our body through the colon area. And so nuts get built up in our colon. And that is the reason why you have to avoid eating nuts when you are going to have Colonoscopy soon.

2. Fats:
Fats are not easily digestible and so you should avoid eating fats when having Colonoscopy. Because whenever you are consuming fat your body will try to digest it fully or remove it in some percentage. And at that time it goes to our colon and stays there for some time which can prevent the Machines to detect the situation of colon properly and the whole procedure of Colonoscopy will not be successful if you have fat in your colon at that time.

3. Meats:
Meats are very tough to digest and that is why meat should be avoided when you are going to have Colonoscopy. While having Colonoscopy your colon needs to be totally empty so that the machinery procedure can be done successfully in that portion. And if you consume meat before doing it then your colon will have the residual of the meat and that will be a tough condition to do Colonoscopy.

4. Raw Vegetables:
Raw vegetables are normally very bad for our health and that is why if it comes to any health reason for any kind of treatment then you must avoid this for sure. Because raw vegetables get digested very lately and that is why it fills our colon and takes time to get removed. If you are going to have a Colonoscopy then you must avoid consuming raw vegetables. Because it can cause a serious problem in the whole procedure of the Colonoscopy.

5. Fruits with seeds and peels:
if you are consuming fruits than you have to make sure that you are having at after removing the peels and seeds from it because those seeds and peels get accumulated in the colon area and take a lot of time to get removed from the body. And if there is going to be a Colonoscopy treatment of your school on then your call on should not have anything in it and have to be totally empty. So if you want a successful Colonoscopy to prevent any kind of colon cancer then you must avoid taking fruits which have seeds or peels in them.