Healthy Foods High in Calories to Gain Weight Fast

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Healthy Foods with High Calories for Weight Gain

Nowadays people want to lose weight as they are health-conscious, while many want to put on some extra kilos as they are growing thinner with each passing day. There is availability in the market of some really nutritious and healthy food rich in calories. Intake of calories depends on a person’s age, gender and some really very important issues. Calories will provide some energy and protein to a person.

1. Butter is one of the most healthy high-calorie foods that help to gain weight. As only 5gms of butter provides 36 calories, we can easily say that butter is a high-calorie food. The calorie contents are converted into fat when these are not burnt and help to gain weight. So, the people who are underweight can consume butter with bread at breakfast on a regular basis.

2. A big size banana holds more than 100 calories and if it is consumed with other high calorie foods like bread and butter, you will gain a good amount of calories per serving. But along with high calorie, banana contains sufficient amount of simple carbohydrates and essential minerals which altogether work to help gain weight.

3. According to many people, the high-calorie ice cream is not healthy. It is a completely wrong perception. As the main ingredient of it is milk, we can’t say that it is unhealthy. Most of the time, kids don’t want to drink milk directly. But the delicious taste of ice cream is always welcome to them. So mothers can safely feed their kids ice cream to gain weight.

4. Egg is a high calorie food that is advised to be taken on a regular basis, even when you are dieting. The high calorie count satisfies the appetite for the whole day. Remember you have to consume the whole egg. It will guard your body against thinness and help to gain weight.

5. If your kids consume dark chocolate, let them have it. Rather try to know the amount of dark chocolate they have consumed. If you see they have had more than enough, without frowning at them, let them skip their next meal. The high calorie content in the the dark chocolate provides sufficient calories to your kids with many health benefits.