Herbal Dandruff Treatment, Natural Home Remedies for Dandruff

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Top Herbal Home Remedies for Dandruff Treatment

Dandruff is a scalp condition in which the skin becomes too dry, resulting in tiny white flakes and a lot of itching and soreness. You hair may also become limp and greasy to the increased levels of oil. Dandruff is a very common ailment, so there are a lot of shampoos and hair treatments are commercially available. Most of them may or may not be effective, there are also dandruff remedies that can be concocted at home. Not only do they cost a fraction of what you would normally pay for a premium dandruff treatment shampoo, they are just as effective, if not, even more.

Methods to avoid dandruff:

Dandruff is caused by stress or emotional problems, dry skin, dirty combs and brushes, bad diet, strong shampoos and exposure to extreme temperatures. When you have dandruff, regular washing of your hair will help to remove the dead skin from the scalp. This will reduce the itching and will allow the scalp to absorb the treatments that you will apply to your hair. Dandruff shampoos need to soak into your hair, so give it around five minutes to work on you scalp. The fungus that causes dandruff will gradually develop immunity to your shampoo, so dermatologists recommend changing your shampoo every three months till your dandruff disappears. After you are done shampooing, gently comb through towel dried hair to evenly distribute the oils that are naturally present on your scalp all over your hair. If you are constantly stressed, try to find some methods to deal with it because it is impossible to stay away from stressful situations! Eat healthy and drink plenty of juices and water to get a healthy scalp.

Home remedies that will fight dandruff:

Dandruff is the result of dry skin, so the most common ting to do is to oil your hair and scalp. Tea tree oil has antifungal properties that will kill the bacteria. You can find tea tree based shampoos, or you can mix a tablespoon of the essential oil in warm water and spray in onto your hair. Olive oil is best for dry hair and scalp as it is a good moisturizer; apply warm olive oil onto your scalp and wrap a towel around your head for thirty minutes and shampoo. Coconut oil is also good for eliminating dandruff, you can apply it after it has been warmed or just as it is, you will be able to see results after a while. Apply lemon juice on your scalp; the salicylic acid in it will kill the fungus that creates dandruff. Try mixing both lemon juices and coconut oil to make a dandruff treatment; combine a four tablespoons coconut oil with one tablespoon lemon juice and apply on scalp and hair, leave overnight for best results. Thyme is a herb that goes well with roasted chicken and other meats; you can also use it as a dandruff treatment. Boil dried thyme in water for fifteen minutes, strain it and apply this solution on your scalp after it has cooled. After five minutes, apply more of the solution and wash after two hours. This process must be done thrice a week; you will gradually have shiny, flake free hair.